Sweat then quench your thirst with World Cup-inspired drinks

Lynn has to admit she has World Cup fever. I mean, she just loves watching all the sweaty guys. At the W South Beach, their goal is to make you break a sweat and then cool you off with their World Cup-themed drinks.

Samuel Archer Jr., coach: “Start here, back leg in then out, back leg in, two steps out.”

This isn’t your average day at the beach.

World Cup fever is so high, the W South Beach brought in the pros from Soccer Shape to teach you some skills.

This class is more about the f-u-n than the f-i-t.

Samuel Archer Jr.: “We always keep it a team environment, and we always keep it fun, and we always keep it spirited.”

You don’t have to be a pro to take part.

Samuel Archer Jr.:”Doesn’t matter if it’s some soccer mom or, I always say, Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi. Everybody can do it.”

Hmmm, Cristiano Ronaldo. Can he teach and I just watch?

After feeling the burn, the offer also includes quenching your thirst inside the W’s Living Room bar.

Rick Ueno, general manager: “You get to enjoy one our specialty cocktail drinks that we have developed just for the World Cup.”

We’ve got the skinny on the four themed drinks.

Rick Ueno: “We’ve got the Feeling of the Field. It’s a refreshing cocktail.”

It’s made with gin, cucumber, lemon and ginger ale.


Rick Ueno: “We have the Spiced Kick, which is a celebration of Mexico, because we have tequila reposado, Mexican bitters, grapefruit and lime.”


Rick Ueno: “We have the Caribbean Goal, which is our version of the bloody mary. It has rum, tomato juice, lime, Maraschino, Tabasco and celery.”

And lastly…

Rick Ueno: “Be the Champion, and you really need to be a champion to drink this cocktail.”

You’ll probably need to drink this one responsibly.

Rick Ueno: “We have three liqueurs. We have Jameson, Black Label, Drambuie and chocolate bitters.”

Even a pro like me couldn’t handle that!

Cheers to the World Cup!!


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