Sweat in style with Flying Lizard

From cardio to CrossFit … working out is a way of life for many folks, but in South Florida, what you wear to the gym is as important as the exercises you do there.

Getting in shape is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions.

But, while you’re getting your fitness on, don’t forget to add fashion and function into your workout wear.

Jessica Lurie, Flying Lizard Boutique: “What is good about all these new trends and these clothes for working out is you feel good in your clothes. You want to go work out. You look in your closet and you want to put those clothes on and head to the gym. Putting on plain black leggings isn’t going to cut it anymore.”

It’s all about sweating in style, so the folks at Flying Lizard Boutique in South Florida headed over to CrossFit A1A on Miami Beach to show off this season’s hottest athleisure wear.

Jessica Lurie: “The trend for 2018 is flashback to the ’80s: leggings, rocker tees and bold patterns.”

Concert tees aren’t just souvenirs.

Jessica Lurie: “A rocker tee for a workout is a distressed shirt that has bands like Aerosmith and Tom Petty all over them.”

From slits to holes — broken-in is trendy too.

Jessica Lurie: “A distressed tee is something with holes in it and looks like it’s been worn before, but it hasn’t.”

And from breathable panels to bright colors, leggings have a new look.

Jessica Lurie: “A high-waisted legging comes over your belly button. It sucks in your gut from all of that holiday eating. It really is more flattering to the body.”

If you need an extra push at the gym — it’s written on your clothes.

Jessica Lurie: “Another trend is positive affirmations, things to get you motivated to head to the gym, to put good thoughts in your mind.”

When it comes time to cool down after a workout, go groovy in bold colored sweatsuits.

Jessica Lurie: “Now sweatsuits are back, matching sweatsuits that are cozy and warm and functional, that if you want to put on after the gym or if you want to put on and wear on a Saturday or Sunday around.”

This trend has something for everyone.

And at the Flying Lizard Boutique, the cost is between $78 and $190.

Nicole Hernandez, customer: “I love these styles. They are statement pieces from the gym, and they help motivate yourself.”

Getting in shape never looked so stylish.

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