Sushi Garage. It’s sushi served in a garage. Well, it’s not a garage anymore but it was once an auto body shop. After an impressive remodel job, it’s now a gorgeous space with a nice zen feel and an impressive menu with some Japanese favorites.

I ate my way through much of Chef Sunny Oh’s menu on a recent Tuesday night. I started out with the Toro Sesame Leaf Taco ($36), followed by the Kampachi Yuzu-Cilantro Salt ($20) and Scotish Salmon Honey Yuzu Mustard ($15) Tiraditos, an easy light way to start the meal from the cold appetizer section of the menu. Over on the hot side the Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice ($18) and the Dumpling Soup ($12) are must tries. Miso Maple Seabass ($36) melts in your mouth like butter and the Sliced Tenderloin Teriyaki ($32) will satisfy the meatlover in your group. Their specialty nigiri include a Truffle Shitake ($8) I wouldn’t leave without trying. Sushi and sashimis are available a la carte, salads and specialty rolls are also on the menu. It is called SUSHI garage, after all. It’s casual but the food is on point. So I suggest you make it a point to roll in.

Belkys’ Best Bite: Truffle Shitake Nigiri

Sushi Garage
1784 West Ave.
Miami Beach, FL

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