In theaters this weekend, Blake Lively surfs her way right into a shark attack. The movie is called “The Shallows,” but a more appropriate title might have be: “Blake Versus the Giant Great White Shark.” Since Blake surfs in the movie, Chris used it as an excuse to check something off his bucket list, and took a surfing lesson on South Beach.

Blake Lively (as Nancy): “I think I’ll be alright.”

Oh famous last words. In “The Shallows,” Blake Lively travels to a secluded beach for some much needed time off, and to do some surfing. But then, she gets attacked by a great white shark and has to survive.

Blake Lively: “It’s the type of movie that people out at the beach — you think of sharks when you’re in the ocean. You can’t not, especially surfers.”

Blake learned to surf for the film, and since the ocean is in our backyard here in South Florida, I figured I would learn how to surf too — hopefully without the sharks. Girard Middleton from SoBe Surf and Paddle is the pefect teacher to get me started.

Chris Van Vliet: “Girard, this has always been a bucket list item for me to try out surfing, so I’m pumped to do this. What do I need to keep in mind since this is my first time?”

Girard Middleton: “Relax and have fun. Keep smiling.

I think I can do all of those things, but I know what you’re thinking, you can surf on South Beach?

Girard Middleton: “It’s perfect for beginner lessons. Nice small, friendly non-threatening waves.”

Non-threatening? I like the sound of that.

Chris Van Vliet: “How long does it usually take someone to get up on a board?”

Girard Middleton: “Good question. Most people, the first day we can get them up. Nintey-nine percent sucess rate. So the pressure’s on you brother.”

Chris Van Vliet: “I want to be in the 99 percent.”

First we learned the basics on dry land.

Girard Middleton: “Remember, inner thighs together. Good!”

Then it was time to head into the water to try to find the right wave to catch –and here it comes!

Yeah! First try! I think that deserves that little celebration there! Alright, so there were times where I fell, but once you get the hang of it, it’s such an incredible feeling.

SoBe Surf and Paddle
(786) 216-7703

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