Some dishes have the perfect combination, and “Surf and Turf” is one of them. Tonight, a chef serves it up, Spanish style. Time to grab a Bite with Belkys.

The Chef: Sergio Catalina Bellmónt
The Restaurant: Bellmónt Spanish Restaurant in Coral Gables
The Dish: Surf & Turf

1 large wild prawn
5 oz. Seminole Black Angus tenderloin (or tenderloin of your choice)
2 tsp. sautéed baby garlic and chopped parsley, reduced in white wine
2 cups portobello mushrooms
1 cup cherry tomatoes
3 oz. baby spinach
2 Tbs. olive oil
4 slices of Ibérico ham, chopped (or ham of your choice)
Sea salt to taste

Method of Preparation:

– Put olive oil on a hot griddle or large pan. Sear the tenderloin about a minute and a half on each side.

– Put a large wild prawn on next, and sprinkle with white wine to season. Sauté 3 to 4 minutes on each side to get it golden brown. Remove the tenderloin and set aside.

– To make the mushroom side dish, add more olive oil to a hot pan. Add portobello mushrooms and stir until they begin to reduce.

– Next, add fresh spinach and stir again. Add white wine and cherry tomatoes. Season with kosher salt and set it aside.

– At home, finish cooking the prawn and steak the way you like it, either in the oven or stove top. At Bellmónt, they finish the Surf & Turf on hot plates made of volcanic rock.

To Plate:
Top the tenderloin with sea salt, garnish the prawn with parsley and garlic and top off the mushrooms and spinach with chopped Ibérico ham.

Serving suggestion: Ribera Del Duero Wine

Bellmónt Spanish Restaurant
339 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(786) 502-4684

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