You can offer a helping hand with volunteering or with a check. It can also be as easy as shopping and eating. Some local businesses are stepping up in a big way to help Haiti, as that country recovers from a devastating earthquake.

You don’t have to travel far for an island vacation. Caribbean cuisine is on the menu at Manjay inside The Citadel food hall in Miami.

Christian Dominique, owner: “We created this concept to introduce the Caribbean to people who’ve never been to the Caribbean. I am from Haiti, so everything you’re gonna taste at the restaurant is gonna have some sort of Haitian influence in it.”

Manjay owner Christian Dominique chatted with Deco from Haiti via Zoom.

He wants to help the nation after an earthquake rocked the country earlier this month, and he’s making it really easy for you to join him.

Christian Dominique: “This coming Sunday, everything that we’re gonna be making is gonna go 100% to Haiti.”

Not 25%, not 50%, 100%!

Christian Dominique: “As much as we can help, that’s what we’re gonna do. Even if you buy a Coke or a bottle of water, that money is gonna go there.”

But doing something good can also taste so delicious because the restaurant has dishes like the coco loco shrimp with your name on it.

Jonathan Taylor, head chef: “The coco loco shrimp gets its flair from a fusion of two sauces — tomato creole sauce, coconut curry sauce, pan seared. Then, we paired it with our favorite coconut rice and our housemade pikliz.”

OK, yep, now we’re hungry.

Check out Manjay’s spin on avocado toast with slow braised pork!

Giuliana Cazalet, customer: “It was amazing. It has a bit of everything in it, and I loved it.”

Whatever you end up getting, the point remains the same.

Christian Dominique: “Even if you never come back to Manjay, and you come on Sunday, at least you know you’re doing something to help.”

It’s in the bag, as in shopping bag, over at The Social Hub in Brickell City Centre.

Jael Roumain, The Social Hub: “We’re hosting a retail pop up shop, where they can come in and shop to they drop. It’s nice to have it here at The Social Hub Miami because it’s a selfie museum, and it’s perfect for the ladies to take pictures, be their cutest self, express themselves the way they want and look great while doing it.”

The good news is you get first dibs on the fashion because it’s not on sale to the public yet.

Morgan Lewis, customer: “I saw a bunch of cute dresses, jump suits, shorts, and I’m going on vacation soon, so it was the perfect opportunity for me to grab some clothes for the vacation.”

While the selfie museum is all about selfies, this pop up event is all about being selfless for a good cause.

Jael Roumain: “Due to the massive earthquake that happened in Haiti, we are going to give back 25% of our retail sales back to the Haitian community to help them out as an earthquake relief fund.”

Morgan Lewis: “Knowing some of the money is going to a good cause is really important to me. Its important to know we give back.”

They’re limiting the number of people who can raid the racks at a time, so why not wait your turn making picture perfect memories inside Social Hub?

The Social Hub’s pop up shopping experience kicks off at noon on Sunday, and Manjay will be open until 10 p.m.

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