Super Bowl Commercials

After Deco Drive, Super Bowl ads are the most creative things you’ll see on T.V., and each one takes months of work just like Deco! Tonight, we’re getting an early look at the hilarious results of the hard work.

The New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons battling for the Lombardi Trophy in Sunday’s Super Bowl 51 — but there’s gonna be another battle brewing that night, too … Best Ad.

The big game means big bucks will be spent by companies who know millions of eyes will be watching and to impress the audience — big names in the entertainment and sports are making cameos.

In a Super Bowl commercial for Tide — Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski portrays the owner of a dry cleaner — and his only customer is “Transparent” actor Jeffrey Tambor. This odd couple makes for a comedic moment.

Jeffrey Tambor (as customer): “Excuse me. What’s this?”

Rob Gronkowski (as dry cleaner): “It’s your shirt.”

Jeffrey Tambor (as customer): “Where’s the rest of it?”

Rob Gronkowski (as dry cleaner): “The soy sauce? It’s gone.”

Jeffrey Tambor (as customer): “I’m not paying for that.”

Rob Gronkowski (as dry cleaner): “I gave you a discount.”

Jeffrey Tambor (as customer): “I don’t want this.”

The Gronk isn’t the only Patriots’ player who will be seen on the field and in the commercials on Sunday. Quarterback Tom Brady will be starring in an ad for Intel.

In the commercial, we get a glimpse of Brady’s daily routine from waking up to making breakfast — all while showing off the company’s new 360-degree replay technology.

Brett Favre is coming back for Super Bowl 51 and no, it’s not for another quarterback comeback for the former Green Bay Packer and New York Jets Hall of Famer.

He’s starring in the ad for Buffalo Wild Wings, where you see him enjoying retirement on a farm — when he suddenly gets a visit from some men in black who put him on a quest to get to the bottom of who was behind his All-Time Interception Award.

Sticking with the food ads, Wendy’s has a message for everyone this year — and it’s “Don’t settle for frozen beef from the ‘other guys,'” and what better stage to take that fresh beef message than the Super Bowl.

The commercial comes after Wendy’s research showed seven out of 10 consumers didn’t believe the company served fresh beef.

From fresh meet to fresh veggies, comedian and actor John Lovitz is hypnotizing in this ad for Avocados from Mexico.

No matter what team you’re rooting for this Sunday, we can all agree the commercials are just as fun and exciting to watch as the game.

You can see the ads, and the game if you’re into that sorta thing — this Sunday right here on 7. Coverage begins at 11 a.m., kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. and the commercials start a few minutes later.

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