Sunday Funday at Turnberry Isle

They call it Sunday funday for a reason — we’re thinking mainly because it rhymes. There’s one South Florida hot spot helping you kick your Sunday funday into shape.

Sundays are getting even more amazing thanks to Turnberry Isle’s new program — Amazing Sunday.

Michelle Shulman, Turnberry Isle: “It’s really a very exclusive, once-a-month experience that you can get right here in Turnberry.”

For $30, you get your sweat on in a workout routine.

Michelle Shulman: “You start with a yoga, a meditation or a high energy class to follow. There’s usually three classes.”

Each month, a different trainer teaches the class.

Then, because you’ll have worked up an appetite…

Michelle Shulman: “We offer you a discount for our new The 52 Brunch, which is 20 percent off.”

Sounds like the food is well worth the entire day.

Anthony Ruaix, customer: “Bagel avocado and egg on top. They wanted to share. I reluctantly did. I didn’t want to.”

Kathleen Smith, customer: “Food’s amazing. We all shared. It was so good.”

And no Sunday funday is complete without some bubbly…

Michelle Shulman: “With brunch, it’s $45 per person and you get endless mimosas.”

Amazing Sunday doesn’t stop there.

Michelle Shulman: “It also allows you access to the pool, which normally you wouldn’t get unless you were staying at it.”

That’s right! Turnberry also invites you to jump in and cool off.

Michelle Shulman: “You have really a whole day of an oasis and an escape.”

And you don’t have to be a hotel guest or resort member to get in.

Michelle Shulman: “Anybody can come. You can call, show day of, doesn’t matter.”

All in all, an Amazing Sunday you can spend with family and friends.

Anthony Ruaix: “The best part for me, just all the smiles. All the fun we had today. I loved it.”

Kathleen Smith: “I can’t wait to come back.”

It just feels so good to say it: Amazing Sunday.


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(305) 932-6200

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