Suit up with 2-for-1 Bikini Luxe swimsuits

It’s always bathing suit season in Miami, which means, you can never have too many. Thanks to a local internet company, now you can get two suits in one.

Suit up So Flo. It’s time to double your fun and your bathing suit wardrobe at the same time.

Candice Galek: “Bikini Luxe is known for high-end swim wear and brands you won’t find in your local department store.”

Candice Galek, the woman behind the website, Bikini Luxe, knows her stuff.

Don’t just take our word for it… Forbes thinks so too.

Candice Galek: “This year, 2017, I made the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. 30 Under 30 is a grouping of individuals who are making moves in different industries, and for myself it was art and style.”

Bikini Luxe has dozens of designers who are setting trends for fun in the sun. So we grabbed some suits and headed to the AC Hotel Miami Beach to check out this season’s hottest looks.

Candice Galek: “The hottest trend for swim wear is reservable bikinis, reversible one-pieces; things you can wear many different ways.”

It’s like buy one get one… but it’s all in one.

Candice Galek: “Reversible swim wear can be flipped inside out. You may have a solid on one side and print on the other, but I am also seeing print on both sides.”

Go from matching top and bottom to a fluorescent bottom. Or maybe a bright top.

Candice Galek: “One of the tops, you can turn the top inside and out and you can flip the top around.”

Switch from a blue floral one-piece or even a bikini. And turn it into a solid or print in another color.

Candice Galek: “You really want to get the maximum benefit from your clothing and your swim wear in general, so you have multiple looks in one.”

Bring sexy back when you go from black to this hot print. You’ll flip for some of the details in these suits.

Candice Galek: “Its not just a basic swimsuit. Now you have straps and buckles.”

Being inside out doesn’t mean you have a bulky tags or seams.

Candice Galek: “It doesn’t look like it’s reversible or like you are wearing it backwards or the wrong way. It looks like it’s meant to.”

The reversible suits range from $100 to $180. It’s a bargain when you think of how many suits you get for that price.


Bikini Luxury

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