Stripper tale “Hustlers” has female empowerment at its heart, says J. Lo

(WSVN) - J.Lo’s already getting Oscar buzz for her performance, but she didn’t make this movie by herself. She’s backed by a cast of equally strong, larger-than-life women.

Jennifer Lopez (as Ramona): “These Wall Street guys, you see what they did to this country? They stole from everybody.”

In “Hustlers,” Jennifer Lopez leads a group of strippers in New York city as they lie, steal and hustle wealthy men out of their money.

Jennifer Lopez: “She’s one of these people who have figured out the game. She knows how it’s played at this level, and she’s not going to be taken advantage of.”

Jennifer Lopez (as Ramona): “You want them drunk enough to get their credit cards, but sober enough to sign a check.”

J.Lo takes a few of her co-workers under her wing and shows them the ropes, including Constance Wu, who plays Destiny.

Constance Wu: “Kind of her whole life looking for a role model and a friend, and that’s sort of what she finds in Ramona’s character.”

This is all based on a true story that happened after the financial crisis in 2008.

Constance Wu: “These women do objectively bad things, so we’re not saying drug men and steal from them. Everybody’s complex.”

Jennifer Lopez: “When they see ‘GoodFellas,’ we’re not saying, ‘Join the Mafia.’ When you see ‘Boogie Nights,’ we’re not saying, ‘Join the porn industry; it’s great.’ No.”

Constance Wu (as Destiny): “What if somebody calls the cops?”

Jennifer Lopez (as Ramona): “And says what? ‘I spent $5,000 at a strip club. Send help?'”

J.Lo says at the heart of this film is female empowerment.

Jennifer Lopez: “To have a movie that’s produced by women, written by women, directed by a woman and starring all women, that in itself is empowering.”

“Hustlers” slinks its way into theaters on Friday, Sept. 13.

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