‘Stranger Things’ stars discuss show’s 2nd season

These are strange days indeed! After lots of waiting, and even more hype, Stranger Things Season 2 is finally here. We hung out with some of the “Strange” kids, but don’t worry, there aren’t any spoilers. Well, not too many.

David Harbour (Jim Hopper): “These aren’t nightmares. It’s happening. And it all leads back to here.”

Yes, it’s all led back to here.

Season 2 of the hit sci-fi “Stranger Things” is finally coming into your home.

Joe Keery: “Everything has kind of expanded, and you can kinda of explore different relationships between characters.”

Natalia Dyer (as Nancy Wheeler): “Don’t you think it’s weird? We only seem to hang out when the world’s about to end.”

The “Stranger Things” kids huddled with Deco to give us a look at what you’ll be bingeing this weekend.

Joe Keery: “It sets the stage for those questions to be answered.”

Which is perfect, since fans have spent months speculating what’s next in this fictional town where a mysterious creature is lurking, and some government types may still be up to no good.

Joe Keery: “There’s definitely questions to be answered, for sure.”

Finn Wolfhard (as Mike Wheeler): “If anyone knows how to destroy this thing, it’s Will.”

But when you get to the end of your nine-hour binge, the kids told us, you’ll be begging for Season 3 ASAP.

Joe Keery: “I mean, even at the end of Season 2, all the questions aren’t answered. I have questions that I don’t even know the answer to.”

Winona Ryder (as Joyce Byers): “This thing they said was all in his head.”

When you go from Hollywood nobody to the center of a cultural phenom, life will never be the same, but these guys are all good with that.

Natalia Dyer: “It’s amazing to work with people that you like and make something that you really like, and then to have that kind of bounced back and other people really like it. It’s just the best.”

So we couldn’t let the gang go without getting at least one spoiler.

So Dacre, who spent the interview exposing off his chest, said he’s gonna expose something else.

Dacre Montgomery: “Gonna see a lot of my bum. Get ready for it — a lot of bum.”

Joe Keery: “It’s really nice ’cause in the first season you’ve kind of established the world and now, and in the second season you can bring in Dacre with his bum.”

Dacre Montgomery: “My bum.”


Gaten Matarazzo (as Dustin Henderson): “You still got that bat?”

Joe Keery (as Steve Harrington): “Bat? What bat?”

Gaten Matarazzo (as Dustin Henderson): “The one with the nails.”

And once you finish your binge, there’s still more! Netflix also has an aftershow titled, “Beyond Stranger Things.” All the stars will be there to fill in any details that you need about Hawkins, Indiana and help ease your withdrawal symptoms.

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