‘Stranger Things’ star dances with penguins in Antarctica

You know what Shireen loves about penguins? They’re so down to earth. Even when the star of a huge hit show comes to visit, they’re still totally chill. That’s exactly what happened when a “Stranger Things” star tried to party with the penguins.

David Harbour got his groove on in “Stranger Things.” The scene caught the eye of the internet and is one of the most popular memes out there.

Now he’s taking his moves to the real Upside Down.

David Harbour: “I am on a rock in Antarctica with a colony of penguins.”

And he was hoping to find a flock of fans.

David Harbour: “Hey, you guys seen ‘Stranger Things?'”

Netflix is pretty big, but I have a feeling a few of these flightless fowls haven’t caught on with the cult sensation, especially the little guy just running past.

So David got them up to speed…

David Harbour: “There’s a very special… I just wanted to share it all with you guys. It’s not a big deal.”

And he did … and it was kind of a big deal!

Dave broke out into his dance for the first known human-penguin dance party in the history of Antarctica.

Way to shake it!

Yet for some reason, not all the penguins were paying attention.

But that’s okay.

David Harbour: “I thought this was gonna be like a silly thing, and I thought I was just gonna dance with penguins … It’s turned into another thing about protecting Antarctic waters.”

Yeah, the conservation stuff is nice, but let’s face it, we’re in it for the dancing with penguins.

The penguins will chirp and David will dance.

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