Stoner’s Pizza Joint in Fort Lauderdale promotes pet adoptions

Nothing makes people happier than cute animals and free food and one South Florida restaurant wants you to have the best of both worlds.

Puppies and pizza. Does it get any better than this?

Stoner’s Pizza Joint in Fort Lauderdale is known for dishing out some mouthwatering munchies, like their half baked chicken wings and cookies, and of course, pizza!

John Stetson: “The most popular item here is a large cheese pizza. The cheese here is a very high-quality bacio cheese, and we use very generous portions of cheese on our pizza.”

This summer, the restaurant is doing something that’s a little different, with a sweet promo that’s guaranteed to make you go “awwwwwwww!”

John Stetson: “We were fortunate enough to team up with the Humane Society about four weeks ago, and we are helping to promote their pets through our pizza boxes.”

Every week, they’re handing out flyers featuring fluffy friends looking for fur-ever homes.

It’s not just precious pups. There’s also paw-sitively adorable cats of all ages!

There’s even a so-called hippo that just wants to play.

Here’s looking at you, Bronzy.

Cherie Wachter: “I’d say a gentle hippo. She’s adorable, she’s sweet. She just loves to cuddle. Loves, loves, loves her toys, and I think would be a wonderful addition to anyone who’s looking for a more mature pet.”

And who could say no to Blondie and Cupcake? Just look at those wittle faces!

Cherie Wachter: “Blondie and cupcake are the two little retriever mix type puppies. They’re about 11 weeks old.”

These cuties love pizza just as much as everyone else, and that’s why Stoner’s is offering anyone who adopts a pet featured on their flyers free pies!

John Stetson: “If you adopt an animal through the Human Society after ordering a pizza from Stoner’s Pizza Joint, you receive a free pizza for every week of the year.”

Harrison Porter: “I absolutely love it. If I could adopt another dog I definitely would because free pizza and another dog would be awesome.”

There’s no better pizza than free pizza!

Just ask Bronzy. Because she’s not just looking for a slice of love but a piece of crust, too.

Bronzy: “Sharing is caring! And if you share with me, I’ll always take care of you.”

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