Do you like your water still, flat or sparkling?

Matt Damon apparently likes it still, with a side of… murder!

In the new crime thriller “Stillwater,” he’s trying to get his daughter out of a French prison.

So, it’s no surprise he likes Miami better than Marseilles.

Daddys’ girls are forever.

Matt Damon (as Bill Baker): “I thought it would be a little piece of home to take with you.”

Even if they’re convicted of murder! At least that’s how it goes in “Stillwater.”

Matt Damon plays Bill Baker, an American whose daughter is stuck in French prison for a killing she claims she didn’t commit.

So, he makes it his personal mission to exonerate her at almost any cost.

Trailer: “It is a mistake to commit a crime to prove your daughter innocent.”

But, Matt was focusing on something else at the top of our interview.

Matt Damon: “It looks like you’re coming to me from the inside of LIV.”

Alex Miranda: “I was just about to say that! This is the most Miami backdrop of all time.”

And he would know; Jason Bourne himself met wife Luciana in Miami Beach in 2003. The two have four daughters together.

Alex Miranda: “As a father, do you think Bill goes too far?”

Matt Damon: “Any parent can kinda relate to wanting to do absolutely everything that you can.”

Abigail Breslin plays Allison, who was sentenced to nine years for the death of her ex-girlfriend while studying abroad.

And if Amanda Knox is coming to mind…

Abigail Breslin: “A lot of those cases were definitely the starting point for Tom’s inspiration for the film.”

But Abigail knows what she’d miss the most behind bars.

Abigail Breslin: “It would be very sad to not have my cats.”

Now, for this next question, I apologize.

Alex Miranda: “When you’re at a restaurant, do you order still water, tap water, or sparkling… [laughs] I’m sorry, I had to!”

Abigail Breslin: “I’m more of a sparkling gal.”

Cultural differences between the oil rigger and city of Marseilles are as clear as day.

French woman: “You sound very American right now.”

Matt Damon (as Bill Baker): “Good, I am!”

So, what’s the most American thing about Matt when he’s overseas?

Matt Damon: “We tend to be louder maybe. I tend to use my outside voice when I’m inside.”

I guess you could say that about a few of us in SoFlo, too.

Matt Damon: “Oh, I miss a lot of it, man. We had great years there. I miss the people.”

We miss you too, Matt!

Alex Miranda: “Thanks so much. Congratulations. Appreciate it.”

Matt Damon: “Enjoy the nightclub!”

Alex Miranda: “Thanks! Always do!”

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