(WSVN) - Miami is hardly the only city with a slightly seedy past. In a new crime thriller, Detroit is even seedier!

Somehow though, this movie isn’t all about agriculture.

You know, the Redlands are pretty seedy too because they plant a lot of stuff there… but back to the story.

There are so many stars in this 1950s heist flick, “No Sudden Move,” it’s almost like they’re growing on trees.

Steven Soderbergh’s crime thriller “No Sudden Move” stars … all-stars: Don Cheadle, Benicio del Toro, Jon Hamm, Brendan Fraser and Ray Liotta!

Don Cheadle (as Curt Goynes): “Imma get what’s mine.”

Criminals steal what they think is just a boring document, but it all turns into a high-stakes mystery trying to figure out who hired them and why.

Don Cheadle: “You don’t know whose motivations are good, the duplicitous nature of everybody in this.”

Expect twists and turns, but not always loyalty.

Frankie Shaw: “Reading it the first time and then going back and being like, ‘Wait, did I catch that? Is that… did he just die?’ and, ‘who really knows what?’ and, ‘Who really knows what?'”

The film is set on the gritty streets of Detroit, but the stars said it wasn’t enough to just act tough, they had to do some homework.

Don Cheadle: “I asked for all the material and Benicio and I were sending stuff back and forth, too, pictures, songs, people that you look at and there was a good Detroit historical group that we had as a reference for all of this.”

Jon Hamm: “We all know about Henry Ford and the production line and all of the things that we learned as kids but what you didn’t really learn about was how they bulldozed a lot of lower-income, mostly minority, neighborhoods to make way for the freeways in the name of progress.”

They managed to film during the pandemic and said motor city upstaged all the A-listers.

Benicio del Toro: “The car, the history of Detroit, we had great food, Motown.”

Brendan Fraser: “I drove a Hudson Hornet. I wound up making a model of it in my hotel room during the quarantine.”

Ray Liotta: “It really looked like it was the ’50s. The music, the way that sounds, you know, it has a ’50s kind of feel to it.”

“No Sudden Move” starts streaming on HBO Max on Thursday.

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