Steve Carell plays Gru and Dru in ‘Despicable Me 3’

Steve Carell is back as Gru for “Despicable Me 3,” and so is … Steve Carell. He’s pulling double duty in the latest installment hitting theaters Friday.

Steve, along with Kristen Wiig and Miranda Cosgrove, chatted with Deco about the movie, and you can be sure the Minions were mentioned.

Steve Carell (as Dru): “Hahahaha!”

Steve Carell (as Gru): “Ohhhh.”

Now, not only does Gru have Lucy and the girls, but in “Despicable Me 3” he’s also got his long-lost twin brother Dru, also voiced by Steve Carell.

Kristen Wiig: “It’s better than one, right? Twice the … Steve.”

Steve Carell: “Twice as nice?”

The brothers team up to take on mega-villain Balthazar Bratt. He’s a former child star turned bitter because his show got canceled in the 80s … which is why we get scenes like this:

Trey Parker (as Balthazar Bratt): “Dance fight! Da-da-be-dee!”

Also a child star is Miranda Cosgrove, the voice of Gru’s oldest daughter. She’s just glad she didn’t turn out like Bratt in real life.

Miranda Cosgrove: “You always hear things about child stars and being bitter later, so it’s kind of like the ultimate — he literally is trying to burn down Hollywood.”

And amidst all the action the family dynamics the franchise continues to explore, this time, it’s Gru’s relationship with his brother.

Steve Carell: “There’s nothing I think the children like more than an existential crisis.”

Kristen Wiig: “And kids everywhere will be asking, ‘Do I have a twin?'”

Steve: “Do I have a twin? It could be.”

As well as married life with Lucy.

Steve Carell (as Gru): “What did you call us?”

Kristen Wiig (as Lucy): “Grucy! You know, Gru and Lucy mushed together. Grucy!”

Which got us thinking, “What would you get if you combined Steve and Kristen’s names together?”

Steve Carell: “I think it’s … Steeg? Stiig?”

Kristen Wiig: “Stiig!”

Steve Carell: “Really don’t start that, because the tabloids are going to have a field day.”

Sure thing, Stiig.

Steve, Kristen and Miranda are all in agreement when it comes to what puts the movie over the top. They know who the real stars are.

Steve Carell: “I think it’s funny.”

Kristen Wiig: “Yeah, and the Minions are still in it.”

Miranda Cosgrove: “It’s hard not to love them.”

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“Despicable Me” sneaks into theaters June 30.

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