Steve Aoki is another celebrity with talent to spare. The DJ and music producer just dropped his new sci-fi comic book series. The Miami native celebrated the occasion by stopping by his hometown the other day, and Deco got an invite.

All of these people are here for one guy.

Alexis: “I’m really excited, honestly. Like, it’s kind of surreal, I guess.”

Here’s the man of the hour. The 305’s own Steve Aoki hit up Multiverse Corps. Comics in Miami for a signing of his comic book, “Neon Future”.

Steve Aoki: “I got my fans here. That’s important. You got that love.”

“Neon Future” is about the struggle between humans and advanced technology in the near future.

It’s a project that Steve has been thinking about for years.

Steve Aoki: “I’ve been obsessed with the ideas of immortality, the ideas of where we’re going with the future, with augmenting our bodies with technology.”

If this all sounds like a concept fit for a TV series or movie, that’s because it is.

Steve Aoki: “One-hundred percent! That’s where we’re going. We’re definitely going that route, but we want to build out this story first.”

Steve’s creative partner is on the same page.

Tom Bilyeu, founder, Impact Theory:  “We’re so focused on character development that it would be really neat to see this play out as a series, but our big thing is we know fans are going to judge us based on whether this is an awesome graphic novel.”

These fans think it is.

Lis: “Ah! Freaking out! The comic was awesome, and the fact that he came out to support a local comic book store, that’s huge, guys! He loves Miami! He loves us!”

And on another recent Miami visit, the Grammy-nominated DJ was doing his signature cake-throwing with the Jonas brothers and Priyanka Chopra at Story Nightclub.

We love to see it, but isn’t that a waste of perfectly good cake?

Steve Aoki: “If it’s on your face, someone’s gonna eat it off your cheek. It’s just how it is at my show. The cake’s good. It’s explosive. It gets everywhere.”

Steve Aoki Presents “Neon Future”

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