Stephen Marley’s new album

When it comes to music, the Marley family has been making melodies for decades. They’re known for reggae, but there’s some new music out — and this time, their beats are bringing together other soulful sounds.

Music is in Stephen Marley’s blood.

Stephen Marley: “It’s a natural thing for me. Music is what I do naturally.”

Stephen is the son of reggae superstar, Bob Marley. For the Marley’s, music is the family business.

Stephen Marley: “Coming from a musical family is where that came from. It’s in my DNA.”

Now the six-time Grammy winner is out with his fourth solo album.

Stephen Marley: “The new album is called ‘The Fruit of Life Revelation, Pt. II.’ It’s the second part of a two-part series.”

“Revelation Pt. I” came out in 2011 and Pt. II debuted at number one on the reggae charts last month.

Stephen Marley: “Pt. I was called ‘Root of Life,’ which was paying homage to my root. Musically is reggae music, Pt. II is called ‘Fruit of Life,’ which branches out of root. A more eclectic record.”

For part two — Stephen took his inspiration from different musical genres and different musicians.

Stephen Marley: “Just being a fan of music in general is what inspired me. At the same time, trying to cross boundaries and shedding a light in different music of different areas.”

Musicians like Bounty Killer, Cobra, and Waka Flaka are on Marley’s latest.

Stephen Marley: “Waka Flaka is a good youth, good person.”

And the sound on “Pt. II” fuses reggae with electronic music, jazz and hip hop.

Stephen Marley: “There is a lot of hip hop on the record. There is a lot of feel good music.”

Stephen hopes his music can help bring people together.

Stephen Marley: “Music crosses boundaries and music has the power to unite people.”


Stephen Marley

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