The new Bob Marley movie “One Love” comes out next year. But in the meantime, you can rock out with another Marley.

Stephen Marley is dropping his new album, “Old Soul” this Friday, and we got to jam out with him during his rehearsal session at his studio in Miami.

In Stephen Marley’s new single, “Old Soul,” he walks down memory lane. The music video has some personal pics, which include his legendary father, Bob Marley.

Stephen Marley: “Speaking about “From 1972,” which I was born in coming up the line, you know, so the song itself is about my life and those pictures take you from my young age to now.”

This is a different sound than what people are use to hearing from the singer.

Stephen Marley: “I went old school but at the same time, you know, it’s our spirit the young ones gravitate to as well. They can feel that drum, that bass drum, that nyabinghi get to drumming. When the melody of the guitar hits with that, it transcends all boundaries and genres.”

His new album, also called, “Old Soul,” brings some familiar sounds like “I Shot the Sheriff” featuring Eric Clapton.

Stephen Marley: “Over the years, we developed a relationship from working. I have great respect for him as a musician and an artist as well as the history with my father and the music.”

You’ll also hear “There’s a Reward,” a song by Joe Higgs, Bob’s musical mentor.

Stephen and big bro, Ziggy, took Joe’s song and brought it back to life.

Stephen Marley: “It’s a great honor, bring Joe to a new generation of youths. I know I speak for Ziggy as well. It’s a great honor and it’s a great song.”

He’s taking this grounding sound on the road with a nationwide tour.

Wonder if any other Marley’s will be on the stage with him?

Stephen Marley: “You know how it goes. You know how it goes. When you see one, you might see all.”

Stephen Marley: “The vibration where they can take a moment for themselves and let the music take them. When the flute hits with those drums that you see there and the bass drums, it’s our eclectic vibe but it’s also healing. I myself find it healing.”

Stephen’s “Old Soul Tour: Unplugged,” hits major U.S. cities now through the end of October. But won’t be hitting SoFlo.


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