Stars shine at gender-neutral MTV Movie and TV Awards

(WSVN) - Things were poppin’ Sunday night as MTV honored the best on both the big and small screens. The network passed out their “golden popcorn” trophy at the MTV Movie and TV Awards. Somehow they managed to honor both movies and television and the show was still shorter than the Oscars.

It was a fairy tale evening for the stars at MTV’s Movie and TV Awards last night in Los Angeles.

Host Adam Devine kicked off the show with a nod to the live-action remake of “Beauty and the Beast.”

Speaking of “Beauty and the Beast,” the flick won Movie of the Year, and star Emma Watson took home the award for Best Actor for her role as Belle.

And, Emma proved women and men should be judged the same.

Emma Watson: “Firstly, I have to say something about the award itself. The first acting award in history that doesn’t separate by sex says something about how we perceive the human experience.”

Rather than separate awards for best actress and actor, the award was gender-neutral and went to the best performer.

Emma Watson: “To me, acting is about the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, and that doesn’t need to be separated into two different categories.”

Gender-free awards weren’t the network’s only change. The show itself was different. It honored both movies and television.

Netflix’s “Stranger Things” won Show of the Year, and its star Millie Bobby Brown, won best actor in a show.

Trevor Noah from “The Daily Show” won Best Host, and Taraji P. Henson accepted the Best Fight Against the System award for her movie “Hidden Figures.”

Big Sean: “I think I’m ready to jump out the window.”

The show honored movies and TV, but MTV still loves music…

Rapper Big Sean performed. So did Miley Cyrus’ little sister — Noah Cyrus.

Pitbull: “Now, Mommy, just watch, learn and listen.”

Give it up for the 305! South Florida’s Pitbull and Camila Cabello joined forces to sing “Hey Ma” from “The Fate of the Furious” soundtrack.

The film and its series was also recognized with the Generation Award.

Vin Diesel: “I can never stand on this stage and talk about ‘Fast and Furious’ without giving love to my brother Pablo.”

Vin Diesel, along with his “Fast and the Furious” co-stars Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson and Jordana Brewster, accepted the award and paid tribute to their late co-star, Paul Walker.

From the big screen to the small screen, the MTV Movie and TV Awards were golden, just like the popcorn trophies.

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