Stars of twisty whodunit ‘Knives Out’ walk blood red carpet at premiere

In TV newsrooms, we like to say you can cut the tension with a knife — but it’s no joke in the new comedy thriller “Knives Out.” Alex Miranda hit the blood red carpet for the premiere.

Alex Miranda: “This just seems like such a fun movie to be a part of, right? Amazing cast, and it’s literally like a game.”

Daniel Craig: “It’s sort of a whodunit. It’s a comedy. It’s got an incredible bunch of people in it. Every day was a joy to go and watch these people work. And Ryan wrote a very funny, thought-provoking script, and when it landed on my desk, I went, ‘I’m in.'”

Alex Miranda: “Thinking about the actors, not the characters, in real life, who do you think would be most likely to get away with murder?

Daniel Craig: “Good question. I don’t know.”

Alex Miranda: “Would it be you?”

Daniel Craig: “Well, I’m not going to say it, am I? I would have done myself there if I told you that.”

Jaeden Martell: “Chris Evans.”

Alex Miranda: “Yeah? Why do you say that?”

Jaeden Martell: “He could do it. He could get away with it, with his charm. Either him or Don Johnson.”

Alex Miranda: “Yeah, you gotta really think about this one, right? Somebody earlier said you.”

Jamie Lee Curtis: “Maybe.”

Alex Miranda: “Final answer?”

Jamie Lee Curtis: “Final answer. Me.”

Alex Miranda: “Today is 13 years to the day of ‘Casino Royale’ premiering.”

Daniel Craig: “Is that right?”

Alex Miranda: “What do you think about that when you think of that anniversary?”

Daniel Craig: “I hadn’t thought about it until you said it. I mean, I just finished shooting the last one now, two weeks ago, which was incredibly emotional and a wonderful experience. I’ve been massively lucky to have had the chance to do them, and I count my blessings every time I think about it.”

The big takeaway of this wild ride of a murder mystery: trust nobody and nobody is what they seem, so it is no coincidence that this dysfunctional family is going to hit theaters the day before Thanksgiving.

Now, I don’t want to rub it in, but I’m about to go and see “Knives Out” with Chris Evans and Daniel Craig, so I’m going to get to that, and I’ll see you on Monday.

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