Stars of ‘Truth or Dare’ discuss fears with Deco

If you’ve ever thought, “I wish they would do a mashup of great movies like “The Ring,” “Final Destination,” “Ouija” and “Paddington Bear” — Then you’re in luck! A new horror film hits theaters this weekend, and we dared Chris Van Vliet to tell us the truth about it.

“Paddington Bear” is definitely the scariest of all of those. We all know your traditional game of truth or dare, but “Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare” takes things up several very deadly notches.

Lucy Hale (as Olivia): “Carter said tell the truth or you die, do the dare or you die.”

Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey star as college kids on a spring break trip to Mexico.

But after a stranger invites them to play a game of truth or dare, the game follows them home.

Lucy Hale (as Olivia): “Something really weird has been going on ever since Mexico.”

They could have called this movie “Don’t Try This at Home,” because the game forces the friends to do things like…

Drink booze while walking on the edge of a roof…

Or break a friend’s hand…

Or choosing which one of their friends to kill.

But in real life, Lucy told Deco she’s game for almost anything.

Lucy Hale: “I’d eat anything weird, I’d skydive, I’d like do nudity, whatever.”

Not really whatever.

Lucy Hale: “There are like two things that really terrify me — like deep in the ocean, like way deep in the ocean, and going to space. The unknown of those two I would never do.”

Tyler Posey: “They’re so vast.”

In other words…

Lucy Hale: “I’m not going like deep, deep diving in the ocean or on a rocket to the moon.”

Lucy Hale (as Olivia): “We’re not playing the game — it’s playing us.”

Tyler Posey (as Lucas): “Only choose truth.”

We played our own version of the game. It’s called truth or truth.

Lucy Hale: “Truth or truth. I’m game.”

Tyler Posey: “I would play with my brother, and I’d ask him if he ate my sandwich.”


Lucy Hale: “Elvis Presley — I would dare him to eat a peanut butter and banana sandwich with me, because that’s my favorite sandwich and it’s his favorite sandwich, and I have such a crush on him.”

Lucy Hale: “I would dare him to kiss me. I love Elvis so much.”

Interesting choice!

“Truth or Dare” creeps into theaters on Thursday.

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