When a carefree guy and a reluctant maid of honor have a chance encounter at a Palm Springs wedding, things get complicated. The unlikely duo find themselves unable to escape the venue, or each other, in the new movie: “Palm Springs.”

Andy Samberg (as Nyles): “So, this is today, today is yesterday, and tomorrow is also today.”

“Palm Springs” stars Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti as wedding guests caught in a time loop.

The R-rated comedy comes to us from The Lonely Island, a comedy trio that includes Samberg and two friends he’s had since middle school.

Andy Samberg: “It means, like, something that wouldn’t be directly down the middle. Something a little left of center, as it were.” Thanks, Cristin.”

The cast spoke about whether the “Groundhog Day”-like movie could resonate even more now.

Camila Mendes: “These existential questions that you see in the movie are definitely questions that we’re probably be asking ourselves now more than ever.”

Cristin Milioti: “Yes and no. I think that like it’s probably more, maybe, like, viscerally relatable right now, but I think one of the themes in this movie is, like, the inability to escape oneself and, like, I think that many people experience, that that’s like every day, but I think that, yes, especially right now, we do all have this feeling of, like, ‘Oh, my God, I really have to sit with myself.'”

As for their time at home, they’re appreciating quality time with family.

Andy Samberg: “My daughter is 3, and it’s such an incredible time. She’s changing so fast, and being able to see, literally, like from one day to the next, the leaps that she’s taken.”

J.K. Simmons; “Being together and cooking for each other and really, really enjoying the silver lining of having our downtime together.”

“Palm Springs” is available to stream this Friday on Hulu.

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