Stars of ‘The Gentlemen’ give Deco inside scoop on upcoming action comedy

(WSVN) - It’s high time we told you about “The Gentlemen.” Matthew McConaughey stars in the new action comedy about marijuana, organized crime and British accents. Deco chatted with the cast in New York to get the buzz about the movie.

Matthew McConaughey (as Mickey Pearson): “There’s only one rule in this jungle — when the lion’s hungry, he eats!”

Matthew McConaughey is one hungry lion in “The Gentlemen.” He wants to retire from the marijuana empire he built in London, but that’s easier said than done, because everyone wants a piece of it.

Fortunately for movie fans everywhere, Matthew personally has no plans to step away from acting anytime soon.

Matthew McConaughey: “Retire?”

But if or when he does, he knows how he’ll spend his time.

Matthew McConaughey: “Raise some kids. We got three kids. That’s what you do.”

Michelle Dockery (as Rosalind Pearson): “If you smell smoke, it’s ’cause there’s a fire.”

He doesn’t have any children in the movie, but he’s got a fierce and loving wife, played by Michelle Dockery, plus a new rival played by Henry Golding.

Matthew McConaughey (as Mickey Pearson): “Hurts, does it? You looking for your balls or a hole in the wall?”

There’s a lot of not-so-gentlemanly things going on here, so we asked the three what it actually means to be a gentleman.

Michelle Dockery: “Well, um.” (laughs)

Matthew McConaughey: “Yes, please. You first, Michelle. Teach us!”

Matthew ended up taking this one. He is the ultimate gentleman, after all.

Matthew McConaughey: “A friend I know, he has a line I love that sort of sums up a gentlemen. If you ask him about somebody else who’s not there, he’ll go, ‘It’s not my story to tell.’ You’re like, you could’ve been the belle of the ball right here. You could’ve been the entertainment in here. We all could’ve laughed at somebody else’s expense, but you sat there and said, ‘It is not my story to tell.'”

Oh, Matthew — so wise. We should mention this cast is bonkers. There’s Colin Farrell, Charlie Hunnam, plus Hugh Grant as a slimeball journalist who’s basically the narrator of the film.

Hugh Grant (as Fletcher): “I want you to imagine a character: your boss, Mickey Pearson.”

Charlie Hunnam (as Ray): “You’re too smart to be blackmailing us, Fletcher.”

Matthew McConaughey: “Hugh Grant’s gonna be a really good, new idea for a lot of roles he’s never been cast for, after this film.”

Michelle Dockery: “He’s fantastic. Unreal.”

Matthew McConaughey: “Yeah, he is fantastic.”

“The Gentlemen” will be in theaters on Jan. 24.