It’s 19th century America. You live in a small, famine-stricken town. You know what you have to do. Take the trip west on the Oregon Trail! Daniel Radcliffe and company are going for a ride in season three of “Miracle Workers.” We caught up with two of the stars.

It’s time to go on an adventure.

Daniel Radcliffe (as Ezekiel Brown): “There’s a better place for all of us: Oregon!”

The TBS comedy show “Miracle Workers” heads west for its third season.

Karan Soni: “Every season, the same actors are in a different location playing different characters, and we kinda jump from time period to time period. It’s the same sort of cast you know and love, but each time, we get to dress up in a different way and play someone new.”

This season, the theme is the Oregon Trail!

Daniel Radcliffe plays a reverend leading his townspeople to Oregon in hopes of a better life.

Daniel Radcliffe (as Ezekiel Brown): “Which way is west?”

Geraldine Viswanathan (as Prudence Aberdeen): “This is an anatomical drawing of a horse.”

Daniel Radcliffe (as Ezekiel Brown): “That explains a lot.”

Co-stars Jon Bass and Karan Soni tell Deco they have full confidence in Daniel as a leader, though some reasons may be better than others.

Jon Bass and karan: Karan Soni: “He’s very neurotic in the best way, in the way you want your guide to be, where he’ll think about everything. He’s also extremely selfless.”

Jon Bass: “He’s also got a sick body.”

Karan Soni: “Hmm, I don’t know why that would help him but OK.”

The show of course makes us think of the “Oregon Trail” computer game.

Jon Bass: “A huge part of my elementary school experience was going into the computer room to play ‘Oregon Trail.’ That and ‘Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?’ But we don’t care about that.”

By the way, Jon was in the 2017 “Baywatch” movie shot here in SoFlo.

The 305 is even more appealing after a trip on the Oregon Trail in the 1800s.

Jon Bass: “I would come back to South Florida in a heartbeat. You kidding me?”

The season three finale airs tomorrow night on TBS, and the first two seasons are available to stream on HBO Max.

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