Strong, powerful women, working their magic and keeping guys in check. We’re talking about the stars of the newest “Charlie’s Angels.” Deco’s Angel, Alex Miranda, hung with the ladies in New York.

It’s been 16 years since “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” with Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu. But don’t call this one campy; this is girl power for 2019.

Charlie: “Good morning, Angels!”

Ella Balinska (as Jane Kano), Naomi Scott (as Elena Houghlin) and Kristen Stewart (as Sabina Wilson) (in unison): “Good morning, Charlie!”

Your next assignment: 118 minutes of kicking butt and taking names. This time, Charlie’s Angels are saving the world from a new technology that can be weaponized in the wrong hands.

Ella Balinska plays ex-MI6 Jane Kano, Naomi Scott is brainy scientist Elena, and Kristen Stewart is the highly-skilled but hard-partying Sabina.

Which is funny, because…

Alex Miranda: “I took the BuzzFeed quiz this morning. I don’t know how many people who’ve talked to you today have done ir.”

Ella Balinska: “No, no one.”

Alex Miranda: “Nobody?”

Naomi Scott: “Nobody’s said.”

Alex Miranda: “I got Sabina.”

Ella Balinska and Naomi Scott (in unison) “She didn’t even get Sabina!”

Alex: “What?! Who did you get?!”

Kristen Stewart: “I got Jane Kano!”

Silly internet quizzes aside, the Angels’ can-do attitudes aren’t so far off of the actors’.

Alex Miranda: “What would you say is the most badass moment that you’ve had in your life so far?”

Naomi Scott: “Learning to be assertive is a journey that I’ve been on and am continually on.”

Kristen Stewart: “The first time that I went to Sundance with a film that I made, it was just so nice to be like, ‘Hey, ask me anything. I’ll tell you; I’m the boss.'”

Ella Balinska: “Getting the phone call being like, ‘Do you want to join the Townsend Agency?’ It was like, ‘OK, cool. this is what you can do.’ Women can do anything if you put your mind to it.”

Elizabeth Banks plays Bosley this time, a former Angel who has risen in the ranks, but she also wrote and directed the grittier continuation.

Elizabeth Banks: “They’re exactly like their characters in a lot of ways, because I really feel like I was trying to cast people who could be comfortable playing in a space that was going to be so physically and emotionally demanding of them.”

The new installment takes place in Germany and Turkey, but do you know what the West Kendall in me was sitting here thinking?

Alex Miranda: “I could see a sequel in Miami.”

Elizabeth Banks: “We had a scene set in Miami for a long time in the script.”

Alex Miranda: “What happened to it?!”

Elizabeth Banks: “We never were going to be able to go to Miami!”

Alex Miranda: “Too bad!”

Elizabeth Banks: “And they kept saying, ‘Well, we’ll do this.’ I was like, ‘That does not look like Miami. There is no palm tree in Germany.'”

“Charlie’s Angels” hits theaters Friday. FYI, Drew Barrymore, from the first movies, was an executive producer on this one. And, fun fact, Elizabeth Banks came out on that BuzzFeed quiz as her own character, Bosley.

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