Drama. Action. Patriotism. The new movie, “Midway”, has all three things, so let’s go to a man who’s got it all. Oh! It’s Alex Miranda!

This movie also packs in a bunch of Hollywood hunks, but when I talked with the cast just outside of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, I found out their most nerve-wracking moments haven’t been on any Hollywood sets.

We all know about the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Patrick Wilson (as Edwin Layton): “Pearl Harbor is the greatest intelligence failure in American history.”

But, have you heard of the Battle of Midway just six months later?

Ed Skrein (as Lt. Richard “Dick” Best): “If we lose, the Japanese own the West Coast.”

It was a epic fight between the U.S and Japanese navies, where America came out on top.

Woody Harrelson (as Admiral Chester Nimitz): “We need to throw a punch, so they know what it feels like to be hit.”

And an all-star cast is bringing it to the big screen this Veterans Day weekend.

Dennis Quaid: “Now, they watch every battle from the situation room in the White House. They were out there on their own, and they had to make decisions that meant the lives of thousands of men.”

Patrick Wilson: “I never felt like I was some big military family, but then I go, ‘Well, my dad was in… Well, my dad served… Well, so did my uncle. Well, wow wow my grandfather… One grandfather was a merchant marine. One grandfather was in the Navy.'”

Alex Miranda: “It got me thinking about the braver moments I’ve had in my life. What would you say has been the bravest moment in your life so far?”

Ed Skrein: “I delivered my child at home with the paramedics on the other end of the phone.”

Dennis Quaid: “Becoming a father. You’re afraid, and you got to have the faith and courage in order to do it.”

Patrick Wilson: “I remember the exact moment of holding my son for the first time. I just remember looking at him and going like, ‘Oh, (expletive)! Here we go.’ That’s what I thought, though. Like, ‘Here we go, bud. I’m your dad forever.'”

And then, things took a serious turn.

Luke Kleintank: “I saved my brother’s life white-water rafting. A beaver had taken a tree and thrown it across the river, and he got stuck and pinned, and I ran across the tree, and if I had fallen in, I probably would have died myself, but I didn’t, and I was able to pull him out.”

Those were hard ones for 23-year-old Keean Johnson to follow.

Keean Johnson: “Yeah, right? I’m trying to think of any near-death experience I’ve had. No, I don’t know.

Ed Skrein: “Just live brave all the time.”

Keean Johnson: “All day, every day.”

“Midway” premieres this Friday right before Veterans Day.

Thank you to all our service members and veterans watching right now.

I’d have to say, the bravest moment of my life was probably when i wore Belky’s wig cap on the Halloween show last week and tried to pass it off as Uncle Fester’s bald head.

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