Stars of ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ discuss iconic monster showdown

Two Hollywood heavyweights are stomping into theaters — with a little help from Millie Bobby Brown. We’re checking out “Godzilla vs. Kong.” For more, here’s Alex Miranda, who says he’s had his share of wrestling big lizards.

This is the fourth MonsterVerse movie, and it could be the last. Although we do talk monsters in this story, I promise, somehow Kyle Chandler turned it into a dating thing.

It’s the Madonna vs. Lady Gaga showdown of the MonsterVerse. Two of the greatest icons in cinematic history go head to … tail, in “Godzilla vs. Kong.”

Rebecca Hall (as Dr. Ilene Andrews): “There was a war, and they were the last ones standing.”

Kong is a big ol’ sweetheart when he forms an unlikely bond with a orphan girl named Jia, but while they journey with his protectors to find his true home, Godzilla, who’s turned against human civilization, ruins everything.

Rebecca Hall (as Dr. Ilene Andrews): “Kong bows to no one.”

An epic clash of the titans leaves a trail of destruction everywhere.

Alexander Skarsgård: “The reason they go after each other is because they’re both alpha, they’re both apex predators, and there can only be one alpha.”

Alexander Skarsgård plays Dr. Nathan Lind, who works for Monarch. He says you can’t blame these guys.

Alexander Skarsgård: “They’re animals. They’re not good nor bad. They do what animals do.”

Rebecca Hall is Dr. Ilene Andrews, who takes Jia under her wing.

Rebecca Hall: “I’m effectively her mother, but it’s a slightly funny set-up, because, you see, I have been raising her on Skull Island.”

But Rebecca insists this is a monster movie, y’all.

Rebecca Hall: “The film is about them. You know, I’m not — that’s really so exciting.”

Millie Bobby Brown is back as Madison Russell.

Millie Bobby Brown: “I am the go-getter. I will throw myself into, you know, if they are scared to go in first, I’ll go. All of us put together, we complement each other so well. You find it easy to work with people that you love.”

Madison’s father, Mark, played by Kyle Chandler, has this random advice.

Kyle Chandler: “If you want to go out on the town, meet some girls, go to the local bar or whatever, obviously, you want to go out with King Kong, because he always gets the girl.”

OK, facts. We’re following.

Kyle Chandler: “Godzilla, if you want to break some stuff and destroy the town, obviously, you want to go out with him.”

Hard choice.

Alexander Skarsgård: “I’ve always liked Godzilla, but I’m 100% Team Kong.”

“Godzilla vs. Kong” will hit theaters, and stream on HBO Max, next Friday.

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