From Thanksgiving to “Franks-giving,” going back home to see your family can be a drag, especially if politics come up. Alex Miranda dished with the stars of the new film “Uncle Frank.”

The Amazon Prime release is about a gay man in the early 1970s who left the South so he could live freely in New York City — but as we learn, you can’t escape those crazy family members forever.

Judy Greer (as Kitty): “Well, that one is wrapped up so nice, it must be from Frank.”

Paul Bettany is “Uncle Frank,” a gay literature professor in New York City who’s home for his father’s funeral, but forced to face the rejection he experienced as a child.

Peter Macdissi (as Wally): “You’re not going to run away from this your whole life. You need to be a part of your family.”

Paul Bettany (as Frank): “I don’t want to be a part of my family.”

Sophia Lillis, from the “It” franchise, plays Beth, Frank’s niece, who idolizes him.

Paul Bettany (as Frank): “Are you going to be the person you decide to be, or are you going to be the person everyone else tells you you are? You get to choose.”

Sophia Lillis (as Beth): “Can I come visit you sometime?”

Beth road-trips with Frank and his decade-long partner, Wally, back to South Carolina.

Paul Bettany (as Frank): “You rented a car?”

Peter Macdissi (as Wally): “Isn’t it snazzy?”

Sophia is 18 years old, and says she thinks things are getting better for LGBT people her age.

Sophia Lillis: “I think we are a lot more inclusive as a generation. I really love that about people my age. We’re becoming more active, we’re becoming more involved, and we’re becoming more accepting.”

Judy Greer is Frank’s sister, Kitty. She told me she’s learned family and friends have the power to make a huge difference, right when someone comes out.

Judy Greer: “I’ve been dealing with this with some friends, and when people tell you something that is so personal that they’re afraid to share with you, your first reaction is really important.”

Frank and Wally’s relationship suffers without the acceptance of some of his family. Peter Macdissi thinks this movie’s message resonates no matter who you love.

Peter Macdissi: “If you have love around you, if you have support, if you have genuine relationships, you can be who you are. Just to come together and be supportive of each other, and be tolerant and be empathetic.”

“Uncle Frank” is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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