‘Star Trek Beyond’ hits theaters this week

“Star Trek Beyond,” the third movie in the franchise reboot, is heading into theaters this week. And, before the Enterprise docks at a movie theater, the studio announced a fourth movie with Chris Hemsworth returning as Captain Kirk’s father. Over the weekend, Deco shared space with the crew of the Starship Enterprise.

Chris Pine (as Captain Kirk): “I know this isn’t the last of my crew.”

Space — it’s still the final frontier.

Chris Pine (as Captain Kirk): “But this is my last report as the captain of the Starship Enterprise.”

“Star Trek Beyond” is the latest voyage of the Starship USS Enterprise.

Zachary Quinto: “We find them in the middle of their journey, and interestingly, we find them at a point of maybe boredom, but a little bit of ennui and a little bit of restlessness.”

Zachary Quinto once again dons the pointed ears as Spock, and Chris Pine is back in the captain’s chair as James T. Kirk.

Chris Pine: “Kirk in the first two films is raging against the system that killed his father and wanting to live up to what his father had been and the legacy left behind, and really, still living in his father’s shadow.”

On camera, Simon Pegg is Scotty, the Enterprise’s engineer, but as a writer, he helped engineer the script.

Simon Pegg: “In this we’re 966 days in, and we were interested in asking the question, ‘What would that do to a crew?’ How would you feel if you’ve been stuck in a tin can for that long?”

As “Bones” and Sulu, Karl Urban and John Cho are ready to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Karl Urban: “I think it’s bold of starting a big blockbuster action film with a crew that is bored of being in space. And then, obviously, throwing them in the deep end is pretty smart.”

John Cho: “I think that you start the movie with a question mark instead of a statement, and it’s an interesting journey.”

And for Zoe Saldana, starting the movie in the middle of their journey lets her show the no-nonsense side of Lieutenant Uhura.

Zoe Saldana: “They are tired, and I think they’re also homesick, and living in such proximity to each other has put maybe a strain on their professional relationships and possibly their personal relationships.”

Beam me up, Scotty. “Star Trek Beyond” hits the big screen Friday.

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