FOX’s ‘Star’ breaks new ground in transgender community

FOX’s new hit “Star” is full of soapy drama and soulful songs, but it’s also socially conscious and breaking new ground on TV. And it’s breaking ground in the transgender community. The show’s stars talk about the responsibilities that come with the roles of a lifetime.

Benjamin Bratt (as Jahil Rivera): “We got the makings of a super group.”

“Star” is about a musical trio trying to make it big in the music world, and the new FOX drama is also exploring new TV territory with its cast.

Queen Latifah (as Carlotta Brown): “Stop lying, boy.”

Amiyah Scott (as Cotton): “Girl.”

“Star” features transgender characters played by transgender actors.

Amiyah Scott: “People are really happy that a light is being finally shined on a topic that has always been pushed under the rug.”

Amiyah Scott (as Cotton): “I’m your daughter.”

Queen Latifah (as Carlotta Brown): “I named you Arnold.”

Amiyah Scott (as Cotton): “Arnold is dead.”

Amiyah Scott plays “Cotton.”

On the show, Amiyah goes head to head with her TV mom, played by Queen Latifah.

In real life, she hopes transgender kids will now have someone to look up to.

Amiyah Scott: “We don’t have any transgender models. We don’t have many shows showcasing transgender individuals. So to have this show that is showing us in a positive light with my character, the response has just been great.”

With her role on “Star,” Scott is out to change the way people see transgender people.

Amiyah Scott: “I would hope the show opens some people’s minds and allows them to see the struggles, and those things that are maybe confusing, and they can see we all go through issues and we all have issues just like anyone else.”

Benjamin Bratt (as Jahil Rivera): “They need a manager like me.”

Benjamin Bratt plays opposite Queen Latifah as Jahil Rivera on “Star.”

Benjamin Bratt: “There’s always going to be doubters who are gonna be less supportive of you.”

For the veteran actor, the show and its charters have messages fans can relate to.

Benjamin Bratt: “In the face of people who will say no or put obstacles in your way, you can continue on, and that’s really the essence of the show.”

With stories about drug addiction and transgender acceptance, FOX’s “Star” is using TV and music to break barriers.

You can watch Amiyah, Benjamin and all the stars of “Star” right here on 7, Wednesdays at 9 p.m.

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