“‘Til death do us part” is all fine and dandy when things are good, but when times get tough, it’s time to pull out the prenup — or step up for your love — and the latter option is what Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth are doing in the new drama “Supernova.” Deco’s Alex Miranda, whose love affairs are always dramatic, is here with the story.

A supernova is a dying star that shows its true beauty in its final moments. In “Supernova,” Stanley and Colin are showing what true love is all about, but I also found out what Stanley thinks about Colin’s star power.

What is true love?

Colin Firth (as Sam): “I want to see this through, with you, ’til the end.”

Stanley and Colin play Tusker and Sam, a couple of 20 years who take off on a road trip across England, after Tusker is diagnosed with early-onset dementia.

Stanley Tucci (as Tusker): “I want to be remembered for who I was and not for who I’m about to become.”

Alex Miranda: “This story really reminds you of what true commitment is all about.”

Stanley Tucci: “There are many different versions of true love, but trust is the primary element.”

In their old RV, the musician and novelist visit family and friends, knowing time is in short supply.

For writer and director Harry Macqueen, this is personal.

Harry Macqueen: “I have experience of it, and I spent a lot of time researching the film, so I spent a lot of time with people who are living this kind of life. That idea of love and trust and commitment between a couple is dramatically changed, or even strengthened, maybe, by this kind of situation.”

Stanley, who has been buddies with Colin for 20 years, sent him the script right after he read it.

Stanley Tucci: “That’s why I sent it to him, because I love him. He’s a great friend. We’ve seen each other through some very hard times. He’s a great father.”

And, like Nigel, I mean Stanley…

Stanley Tucci (as Nigel): “No!”

A great actor! Which is why I was curious…

Alex Miranda: “If there were any role of Colin’s in his career that you would have wanted to play yourself, which one would it be? ‘Bridget Jones?’ ‘Pride and Prejudice?'”

Colin Firth (as Mark Darcy): “I like you very much, just as you are.”

Jennifer Ehle (as Elizabeth Bennet): “Mr. Darcy!”

Colin Firth (as Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy): “Ms. Bennet.”

Stanley Tucci: “All of them! If I looked like Colin, I would have. I don’t.”

Although, personally, we’d love to see him give this scene a shot.

Colin Firth (as Jamie): (in Italian) “But sometimes, things are so transparency.”

You can catch “Supernova” in select theaters tonight — under the stars.

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