St. Paddy’s weekend party spots to draw SoFlo revelers — and their pets

SoFlo is going to be green with envy this weekend for St. Patrick’s Day, and this year, not only can us humans indulge in the fun, but our four-legged friends, too. We checked out a few spots that really know how to party.

Green, gold and plenty of booze.

It’s an all-out party when St. Patrick’s Day rolls into South Florida, and Mary Brickell Village definitely knows how to celebrate the luck of the Irish.

Sarah Caceres, Mary Brickell Village: “We have a two-day festival in store for you. Saturday is gonna be nuts. We have some amazing DJ lineups for you. The party culminates in the courtyard with green cocktails, giant beers and everything awesome that you’re looking for on St. Patrick’s Day.”

There’s also gonna be four, festive themed rooms where you can sip on green drinks, take fun pictures and even jump into an inflatable pot of gold.

Crystal Gomez, reveler: “I love coming here year after year, and I just can’t wait to see all the different experiences they’re gonna have.”

The Wharf in downtown Miami is also painting the town green this St. Paddy’s Day weekend with a picture perfect Riverside Festival.

Emi Guerra, The Wharf Miami: “We have games, we have entertainers, we have giant rainbows, pots of gold, leprechauns running all over the place. It’s gonna be fantastic.”

It’s a two-day party palooza, with good eats from food trucks like Cracked by Chef Adrianne and La Santa Taqueria.

And, of course, all the Irish whiskey you can drink. Buy a shot of Jameson and get a bottle of Guinness Blonde on the house.

Catalina Cisternas, reveler: “They have a great view, and they have really great drinks and food. It’s always a fun time here.”

St. Paddy’s Day has gone to the dogs at Maya’s Grill on Lincoln Road.

Marsha Maya, Maya’s Grill: “We have a dog menu every day, because this a very dog-friendly place. On St. Paddy’s day, though, we have a doggy Irish breakfast.”

That’s green hard-boiled eggs, bacon and sausage — or even a green prime Angus beef patty.

Marsha Maya: “St. Paddy’s Day is fun, anyway, and our course, since we’re dog-friendly, we would like to share it with all our little canine pets.”

Though these hungry pups may not want to share their meals.

Matty (translation of): “Hey, this is good stuff. Can you let a dog eat in peace?”

We did not expect that dog’s voice to sound like that!

Anyway, Maya’s Grill, of course, has a human menu, so it’s come one, come all.

Marsha Maya: “We accept all breeds and creeds.”

By the way, if you RSVP to the Brickell Bash, you’ll get a free shot.


St. Paddy’s at Mary Brickell Village

The Wharf Miami
114 SW North River Drive
Miami, FL 33130

Maya’s Grill
809 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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