Halloween is about tricks and lots of them. Deco’s resident trickster Alex Miranda is live in Fort Lauderdale at a place that’s all about getting the jump on ya!

Xtreme Action Park…

Rudy Alvarado: “They’ve got over 150 arcade games. They’ve got go karts, roller skate rink, trampoline park, bowling lanes.”

… is extra extreme! If you hadn’t already figured from Rudy’s color contacts.

Rudy Alvarado: “People should come to Nightmare Village if you’re looking to get the pants scared off of you.”

Nightmare Village is the Fort Lauderdale amusement center’s haunted halloween makeover.

Actors: “Ahh!!! … he’s friendly. I swear, he’s friendly!”

(Doubt it) …with two haunted houses!

Rudy Alvarado: “If we don’t have the right actors, then none of this is going to work, so it’s all about our actors.”

Carnival of Carnage…

Rudy Alvarado: “Clowns. You are going to see a freak show. Twisted midway out there, and you’re also going to see the Geek.”

The Geek?

Rudy Alvarado: “If you’re brave enough, get out here.”

And the Seventh Gate!

Rudy Alvarado: “Blood all over the place. You’re going to see our sisters who are just ecstatic to meet and greet you. You’re going to meet our caretaker. You’re going to meet our priest.”

Plus, spooky activities for kids.

A cosplay zombie prom, because why not?

And speakeasy.

Nothing scary about this handsome gent, but there is somethin’ fishy about these cocktails.

Like, I personally know you can drink in a tub, but here, you can drink the tub rubber ducky and all.

But I also have my eye on these creepy concoctions.

Patron: “Between the drinks, the houses, and all the events in between, you can’t ask for much more.”

Tickets are $35 dollars — just be thankful it’s not 35 bones!

Rudy Alvarado: “You absolutely have to see this, and I promise you, you won’t regret it.”

For tickets, click here.

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