‘Spooktacular’ drinks for Halloween

Getting your look is only half the battle. Next? Getting your drink. Deco found some places where grown-ups can celebrate Halloween with some adults. Only treats … no tricks required.

All Hallows’ Eve is next week, but if you want to get the party started early, head to Cantina La Veinte on Brickell for a night of treats and sweets.

Larry Delgado, Cantina La Veinte: “We are doing a big celebration. We are calling it Cantina La Veinte Halloween Bash, and we are holding a costume contest.”

This Saturday, they’re serving up “spooktacular” drinks.

Larry Delgado: “One of the drinks featured will be Witches Heart with vodka cranberry Chambord and topped with dry ice. This will give it a nice smoky effect.”

One drink will be sweet — the other will be spicy.

Larry Delgado: “Another featured drink that evening will be Baby Para Los Muertos. It will be orange vodka, mango puree infused with jalapeño, Cointreau and a splash of grenadine. This will be layered and give you that candy corn look to it.”

And for the eats, the Black Ash Filet topped in edible ash will look like a trick, but it will be a treat.

And, the smoked octopus served over black risotto only looks ghoulish.

Larry Delgado: “It’s got that black look to it, which is synonymous with Halloween, and it has tentacles’ and I think it gives it that eerie look to it.”

Aaliyah Roura: “They went pretty far with the theme as far as the smoky drink, the black rice — it was pretty amazing. It was more than I expected.”

Over at Kitchen 305 in the Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort in Sunny Isles, they’re offering up drinks that are frighteningly good.

John Lacle, Kitchen 305: “We’re excited to offer our fall collection of cocktails just in time for Halloween.”

A quartet of cocktails awaits you — if you have the nerve.

John Lacle: “The Bloodsucker, the Dracula’s Kiss, the Sleepy Hollow and the Witches Brew.”

Coat the rim of a glass with green sugar, pour in some vodka and orange juice and voilà — The Witches Brew is born.

Light a sprig of rosemary in a glass filled with Maker’s Mark Bourbon and you’ve got the Sleepy Hollow.

John Lacle: “It’s all about the presentation. It’s all about the garnish, small touches that really capture the essence of Halloween.”

Dracula’s Kiss is a glass drenched in liquid red chocolate and filled with a hefty shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream.

And a goblet dripping crimson syrup cradling the Bloody Piña Colada.


Cantina La Veinte
495 Brickell Ave.
Miami, FL 33131
(786) 623-6135

Kitchen 305
16701 Collins Ave.
North Miami Beach, FL 33160
(305) 749-2110

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