Ready for a scary good time at the movies? The ninth film in the “Saw” franchise is less than a week away, and it is ready to saw off the competition at the box office … ’cause Chris Rock is in it! Deco’s spilling guts with the cast of “Spiral.”

Character in “Spiral”: “One officer from your station refused to be reformed. He will not be the last to play my game.”

It’s all fun and games, until a psycho killer goes on a twisted rampage.

Max Minghella (as William Schenk): “Jigsaw? Wait, I thought the Jigsaw killer was dead.”

Chris Rock (as Detective Zeke Banks): “He is.”

Someone’s out to kill cops in the new horror thriller “Spiral: From the Book of Saw,” but Chris Rock is on the case as Detective Zeke Banks.

Chris Rock: “Sometimes the horror gods smile on you, and I think that’s what happened this time.”

Chris is a comedy king, but did you know he’s a huge horror fan, too?

Chris Rock: “I like horror, and I love police procedurals. ‘Saw’ is kinda like the bloodiest ‘Law and Order’ you’ve ever seen, and I guess I’m Ice-T, on some level.”

In the movie, Chris is a veteran on the force, but he gets assigned a rookie partner, played by Max Minghella, to help solve a super creepy case.

Don’t worry. Max gets freaked out by this stuff, too.

Max Minghella: “I’m glad I was on set. Otherwise, I don’t think I’d be able to watch the movie without doing that, too. It’s definitely pretty gross, pretty gory.”

Marisol Nichols is in charge of keeping the guys in line as the department’s captain, and she’s not putting up with any nonsense.

Marisol Nichols: “She needs to get these guys that she’s wrangling to put their personal issues aside, knock off the b.s. and get to the job at hand.”

The characters in the film go with their gut and are kind of impulsive, but in real life, the cast says, not so much.

Chris Rock: “In real life, I’m more of an ‘ask questions, Google, read a Reddit,’ you know what I mean?”

Marisol Nichols: “I like all the information, and I like to be able to think with it and decipher it to get to a certain result or plan things out a certain way.”

Chris is tough in “Spiral,” but that’s not just an act. He says it takes a lot to scare him.

Chris Rock: “I’ve seen a lot. I’ve had a crazy life. I’ve seen some scary things in real life.”

Chris Rock (as Detective Zeke Banks): “He could be anywhere. He could be anyone. We’re gonna tear this city apart.”

“Spiral: From the Book of Saw” opens in theaters Friday, May 14.

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