Sparkle in rag & bone’s ‘Star Wars’ inspired fashion

The latest “Star Wars” movie hits theaters in just two weeks. And one fashion company is helping you get in the spirit of “The Last Jedi.” Rag & bone, spelled lowercase, has a new collection that’s proving to be a force of fashion.

Just in time for “The Last Jedi,” fashion outlet rag & bone has come out with a line of “Star Wars” inspired clothes.

Marcus Wainwright, rag & bones CEO: “The agreement for this was to create looks that our customer would actually understand as well as the “Star Wars” fan — they would be able to relate to it and link back to the film.”

Rag & bone’s CEO Marcus Wainwright worked with Disney and the “Star Wars” team to make sure this plan was executed like no other.

Even Luke Skywalker is a fan.

Mark Hamill attended the big launch for the limited edition line in the Big Apple on Wednesday.

From jackets with zippers to the Ellis Boot…

Marcus Wainwright: “The quilting at the back and the Bombay patent leather strap with the red detail give it just a hint of ‘Star Wars’ without just going overboard.”

Every detail will have you feeling and looking like the brightest star in the sky.

Marcus Wainwright: “Incredibly functional detail with the lacing down the side — you can adjust the fit to suit your body.”

Like this piece, inspired by none other than the ice planet.

But you can’t have a “Star Wars” collection without an ode to one of its iconic characters — Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Marcus Wainwright: “When referencing that character, you didn’t have a choice but to do something with a hood that’s good and fairly menacing at the same time.”

Enter this men’s oversized hoodie.

Marcus Wainwright: “I think anyone that’s a true Lucas ‘Star Wars’ fan will understand our reference. I don’t need to explain it.”

No doubt these “Star Wars” styles will have you feeling like you can.

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