The Pokemon craze is taking over the whole country. It’s amazing players aren’t getting tired of the game yet … and I mean physically. Catching Pokemon is so exhausting — some spas participating in Miami spa month came up with services especially designed to soothe the most tired of Poke-hunters.

Let the month of August be especially relaxing, even if you’re busy catching Pokemon.

Madeleine Paredes: “For the people that are involved in Pokemon Go, Miami Spa Month is a great benefit.”

It’s not easy being a Pokemon hunter — walking all day, slouching to look at your phone, exhausting your hands. So — here’s how you relax for a fraction of the cost…

Madeleine Paredes: “Participants who take advantage of spa month recieve a 30 to 50 percent off regularly priced treatments.”

At Bliss Spa inside the W Hotel in South Beach…

Dustin Overstreet: “This is pretty good for those of you that like to play Pokemon Go all day and are out on your feet.”

They have a 75 minute treatment, appropriately called “Blissage 75.”

Dustin Overstreet: “Blissage 75 right now is at aprice $139. That comes with parafango for your targeted troubled, areas and also parafin which is very relaxing. Parafango is a sea mud that’s applied either to the back or the leg area to hep detox your skin and also help prevent cellulite.”

The sensation is warm — and definitely relaxing.

For a more customizeable experience…

Mindy Terry: “Completely focus on your scalp, your shoulders, your neck, your hands, your arms.”

The spa at Carillon Hotel in Miami Beach offers an 80 minute couture massage for a $139.

Mindy Terry: “ForPokemon users who are playing the game a lot and going around town, you might wanna relax.”

Pick your desired pressure and smell.

Mindy Terry: “You can customize the treatment as well with your choice of aromatherapy, so you may chose from our relaxing blend. It has lavander and chamomile to help get a good night sleep so you’re ready to play the game the next day.”

Or — if instead of relaxing you want to re-up your Poke-hunting spirits…

Mindy Terry: “So then we would recommend an energizing version of the couture massage. You’ll select from an aromatherapy oil that’s going to energize and pick up your spirits.”

Feeling better? Good — now go catch ’em all.

And the Spa at Carillon Miami Beach is happy to help you recover from Pokemon exertion. Enter to win free a spa treatment by e-mailing your name, address, and daytime phone number to and you could win.

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