How far would you go for your freedom? Would you leave everything behind? In “No Man’s Land,” a father and son find out nothing in life is free — unless, of course, Publix is running a really good BOGO.

Jake Allyn (as Jackson Greer): “My dad says we don’t live in America. We live in Texas.”

Jackson Greer lives in South Texas. His family ranch sits between the Rio Grande and the Mexican border, also known as “no-man’s-land.”

Jorge A. Jimenez (as Gustavo): “We’re just passing by. We don’t want no trouble.”

Immigrants crossing the border and across their ranch is a regular thing, so the Greers become a vigilante border patrol.

Jake Allyn (as Jackson Greer): “This ain’t fair. They were on our land.”

George Lopez (as Ramirez): “You shot a boy in the back. Hey! Hey!”

After accidentally killing a boy, Jackson, played by Jake Allyn, escapes to Mexico and ironically becomes an illegal immigrant himself.

Allyn wore two hats in this one. He was the star and the screenwriter.

Jake Allyn: “I traveled a lot growing up, so I certainly wanted to tell a reverse immigration story: show life on the other side from a different point of view.”

Jorge A. Jimenez (as Gustavo): “Sometimes you have to close your eyes and start over to see things clearly.”

After hearing stories of families trying to escape to freedom, making this movie became personal for Jake.

Jake Allyn: “A photo had come out of a daughter and her father who had tried to cross the border, and it was kind of a famous picture at the time of them, kind of his arm around his daughter, and they had drowned in the river.”

Frank Grillo plays Jackson’s father, Bill. When the tables turn, and Jackson is now a stranger in a strange land, Bill sees the immigrants’ lives differently.

Frank Grillo: “Redemption, I think, is the heart and soul of the film. I mean that’s — for all of us, for every character, in their own journey.”

Jake Allyn (as Jackson Greer): “I don’t know if I can fix what I did down there, but I’ve got to try.”

“No Man’s Land” is now showing in theaters.

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