‘South Park’ creators predicted Pokemon Go in 1999 episode

SAN DIEGO (AP) — “South Park” co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been getting the same question over and over on the eve of the premiere of the show’s 20th season: When are they going to do a Pokemon Go episode?

Their answer? They already did … 17 years ago.

Parker and Stone on Friday at Comic-Con said their season 11 episode “Chinpokomon,” in which a seemingly harmless fad is actually a recruitment strategy for the Japanese army, is basically a Pokemon Go episode already.

Stone laughed that the app-based phenomenon “ripped off” their thing.

“South Park” has a big presence at the annual fan convention with an art exhibit and a massive mock-up of the cut-out town outside the convention center.

Season 20 starts airing on Comedy Central on Sept. 14.

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