MIAMI (WSVN) - Camila Cabello is making her big screen debut in a bold new take on “Cinderella,” and let’s just say — the shoe fits. The Nightteam’s Alex Miranda was there at the big premiere — at the Vizcaya Museum.

Camila Cabello is like our own South Florida princess, and Wednesday night, with a castle to boot… or, glass slipper.

Camila Cabello: I’ve been really lucky to have a few ‘Cinderella’ moments in my life, but this is a really special night.”

For the premiere of “Cinderella” at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, looking like a real royal in a fairytale dress.

Camila Cabello: “I love my yellow nails and yellow eyeshadow. It’s just very joyful and loud and happy.”

And just like in the new musical, this international superstar, who moved to Miami when she was 6 years old…

Camila Cabello: A”ll my family got dressed up, so it’s moments like this when I feel like I can really share this with the people that I love.”

…isn’t letting anything get in the way of her dreams.

Camila Cabello (as Cinderella) “I’ll sew one of my signature dresses. Soon everyone will know my name.”

Not even a charming prince!

Although, real-life boyfriend and collaborator, Shawn Mendes, who walked the purple carpet with her, was harder to pass up.

This is Camila’s acting debut! A 2021 take on the classic story.

Camila Cabello: “She’s, you know, a trailblazer, so obviously that can’t be two-dimensional. So, I was just trying to just like be real in each moment.”

Well, “debut” if you don’t count this scene from her 2017 “Havana” music video.

Camila Cabello (in “Havana”): How could you? And with my best friend, Maria??”

No me diga! This time, Cinderella is building a business!

No damsel in distress here, but the former Fifth Harmony star tells me Ella isn’t some superhero either.

Camila Cabello: “She still has fears and she still has doubts.”

Thanks partially to that stepmother of hers!

But, there’s more to Vivian than you know!

Idina Menzel: “I think she loves them deep down and trying to protect them from that hurt and that rejection.”

Cinderella will be available on Amazon Prime on Friday.

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