Ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft promise a safe, clean ride that’s less expensive than a taxi, but one SoFlo Uber driver is offering so much more. This is a nightclub on wheels. Deco caught a ride with Uber Me VIP and found out what it’s like to ride in style.

You know the drill, open up the Uber app, request a ride and in a few minutes, your ride shows up. But some South Florida Uber users are getting something extra.

Uber driver Markley Medina promises the ultimate Uber experience.

Markley Medina: “First I started with blacklights, LEDs and lasers and lights.”

He’s turned his Chevy Suburban into a nightclub on wheels — complete with massive speakers, lasers, even a smoke machine.

Markley Medina: “As soon as they get in, they realize that I’m the Uber VIP, they’re like, ‘Oh my God.’ They start putting on the masks and the glasses.”

Markley started driving for Uber as a side job, but thanks to his tricked out ride — it’s now a full-time gig.

Markley Medina: “Once you take the Uber VIP, you don’t want any other Uber, every other Uber is boring!”

And if you’re looking for attention, this ride will get you plenty of it.

Customer 1: “It’s crazy, unreal, just so many things that it has.”

Customer 2: “All that light in there is beautiful. The music, as soon as you drove up, I was like, ‘I wanna get in there.'”

If you’re wondering ‘How can I get the VIP experience,’ you just message Markley on Snapchat or Instagram.

After setting up a meeting — the app takes care of the rest.

Markley Medina: “So if I’m the closest driver, I just drop the pin on my car, they request the ride and they’re able to pair up with me.”

And because we know you’re wondering … what kind of crazy stories go down in this Uber?

Markley Medina: “Um, I don’t know. I just … I just…”

That’s OK … what happens in the Uber stays in the Uber.

Markley Medina: “I got a whole zoo in here of just people having fun, I don’t know, that just makes my day.”

So if you want a ride like no other, message Markley and get the party started.

Markley Medina: “I feel like Uber was designed to give people what they want — a nice, clean car, a safe environment, get them where they want to go … safe and in style.”


Markley Medina

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