South Florida talent stars in Disney show

Remember this name… Mariangeli Collado. She’s from Miramar, and has got all kinds of talent. We’re talking singing, dancing and acting. Next she’ll probably be coming for our jobs. Until then, she’s busy with her own projects and being a teenager.

She sings, dances and acts — and she’s only 14.

Oh yeah, South Florida’s got talent.

Mariangeli Collado: “Honestly, it’s kind of crazy to me. I just finished middle school. It’s just like I’m always busy, and it’s exciting.”

Meet Mariangeli Collado.

Disney came calling when her videos singing cover songs went viral, and now she stars on their brand new show “Hyperlinked” as a middle school girl who creates and codes a website just for girls.

Mariangeli Collado: “It was really interesting to see how the storyline of kids going through school and boys and their website that they created in the show — things like that come all together.”

The show airs on the YouTube Red channel, and Mariangeli said she and her female co-stars are best buds because they are all part of her girl group L2M, which has its own record deal.

Mariangeli Collado: “It’s definitely been really, really nice to form this really amazing bond with this group of girls that I work with all the time.”

Mariangeli couldn’t have done all of this without the folks at Broadway Kids Studio in Broward where she’s been honing her skills.

Mariangeli Collado: “I don’t think I’d be anywhere close to where I am right now without Broadway Kids. Definitely I have gotten a lot of amazing opportunities from this place.”

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