South Florida shops serve up mini doughnuts and pies

Like I always likes to say: smaller is better. Oh, I’m sorry, Lynn. I think that was your line. I don’t think so, Chris. But smaller might be appealing when it comes to getting your fill of some sweet treats.

The best things come in small packages, and the folks at Mini Donut World in Cooper City agree.

Scott Perlman, Mini Donut World: “We have miniature donuts of which we have a wide variety of flavors.”

The doughnuts are tiny, but the flavors are giant because you decide what it tastes like!

Scott Perlman: “You pick out your cake donut, then you pick your icing of choice, then you put the topping and then even a drizzle on top.”

The vanilla, chocolate and blueberry doughnuts are made fresh throughout the day.

And with five icings, and more than a dozen toppings, the combinations are endless.

Since they are small, customers can try ’em all.

Scott Perlman: “They don’t have to get one doughnut and break that into different pieces here. They can get a variety.”

You can order a custom mini, create your own on the spot or pick from their menu.

From the phone home with chocolate frosting and Reese’s Pieces, to the French toast with vanilla icing, cinnamon sugar and Cinnamon Toast Crunch — they are perfectly proportioned.

Diana Richards, customer: “I love Mini Donut World because they are fresh, and the toppings are amazing, and they are small, so I don’t have to feel like I am pigging out.”

At Pink Pie in Wynwood, you can fill up on pie with a lot less guilt.

Paloma Machado-McGowan, Pink Pie: “We are Pink Pie, the original mini pie company, and what we do is we offer handcrafted, three-inch mini pies with sweet and savory options.”

The folks at Pink Pie say you get the whole pie experience in one.

Paloma Machado-McGowan: “You do have portion control. You don’t have to commit to one large pie or one flavor, or even try to get even a slice of pie.”

They serve up two savory and eight sweet flavors daily.

And they all have different crusts, fillings and toppings.

Paloma Machado-McGowan: “Two of our sweet flavors are Oreo, Nutella and Key lime are always on our menu, and others we rotate according to season.”

The bacon, egg and cheese in a dough crust tastes like a mini meal, and the guava and cheese with short bread crust is an ode to Miami.

Paloma Machado-McGowan: “There is something really nice about popping a pie out of the tin and just going for it. The whole thing in a couple of bites.”

Talia Ladki, customer: “It’s a great portion rather than having a huge slice of pie. I can have a small piece with my cappuccino.”

Pink Pie makes a limited number of each flavor daily, so get there before they run out.


Mini Donut World
8763 Stirling Rd.
Cooper City, FL 33328
(954) 369-2301

Pink Pie
170 NW 26th St.
Miami, FL 33127
(954) 744-0214

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