South Florida restaurants spice up their menus with pumpkin flavors

You might not know this, but there are actually five seasons in a year — spring, summer, fall, winter and pumpkin season, which is happening right now.

We found some SoFlo restaurants that are spicing things up.

Ahhh, fall in South Florida. Actually not much different than summer in South Florida, except for this.

You can almost smell it: Pumpkin spice, and restaurants like Casa Sensei on Las Olas are now serving this special taste of the season.

Jessica Allen: “Being able to offer something that brings that autumn feeling when you drink it was the whole idea behind making the Sensei Spice cocktail.”

The Sensei Spice is a twist on a classic martini with real pumpkin, along with cinnamon and pumpkin spice syrup.

Jessica Allen: “It really brings a smooth pumpkin spice drink to a martini, and who doesn’t love a nice cocktail?”

Alexandra Vojtila: “I’m from Connecticut. now living in South Florida, you miss that fall feeling. This drink is so good. It’s cozy, it gives you that sense of home.”

Forget guava and cream cheese pastelitos. Make way for pumpkin spice and queso. They’re hot and fresh at Chug’s Cuban Diner in Coconut Grove.

Giovanni Fesser: “I pictured myself as a kid in the bakery eating the same ones, and I always thought, even back then with my friends, ‘Why aren’t there different ones?'”

Problem solved. These pastries are filled with thick slices of cream cheese and homemade pumpkin spice marmalade.

Giovanni Fesser: “Anything you put differently inside a pastelito, I think people are gonna gravitate towards that. They’re gonna wanna try it at least once.”

Angela Locarno: “This is definitely innovative to put it in a pastelito. The cream cheese was really creamy and the pumpkin tasted like fall. It was really great.”

Puffles in Hollywood is spicing up the dessert scene.

Caleb Deng: “Fall is our favorite season, so at Puffles, we decided to create something a little more fun and festive.”

Introducing the pumpkin spice egg waffle. The base is basically a bubbly ice cream cone, made from scratch and topped with pumpkin ice cream and Reese’s Pieces.

Puffles calls it the Halloqueen.

Caleb Deng: “It’s very colorful, and it also has very strong cinnamon and pumpkin flavor to it, so if that’s something you’re into, it’s really good.”

Rovina Salahuddin: “I love the flavors. The pumpkin spice waffle is very airy. It’s delicious!”


Casa Sensei

Chug’s Cuban Diner


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