South Florida restaurants offer pet-friendly treats for dogs to share with owners

If you’re tired of quarantining, imagine how your dog feels!

They’ve been cooped up in the house all this time too, without a moment to themselves. Fortunately, Wednesday is National Dog Day, so we’re checking out SoFlo spots where your pups can dine in style.

Good dogs deserve good treats.

James Flanigan​: “Probably dogs are more sick of their owners than the reverse, so they would love to get out.

They can do just that at any Quarterdeck restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.

James Flanigan: “All of our dog menus is in between $2 and $6, so it’s very affordable and enjoyable for your dog to join your dinner party.”

The food’s made in-house and kept simple, so it’s easy on your pup’s tummy. There’s bacon, an unseasoned burger patty and grilled chicken with rice.

Marcelo Silva: “Donnie has similar tastes to myself. We both like chicken. It’s very convenient for us to have a place to come out together.”

Shooters Waterfront in Fort Lauderdale also offers a dog-friendly menu.

Peter Lopez: “We offer beef, chicken and a salmon dish that dogs love. The dishes are specifically designed for dogs by a veterinarian locally. It’s very soothing and easy for the diet of the dog.”

We’d ask these dogs directly how they like their meals, but they were too busy inhaling their meals to bother with us.

Morgan Edgeton: “We’ve all been cooped up with the pandemic lately, so it’s nice to have this opportunity to go on this beautiful waterfront patio area and bring my dog with me.”

Hopefully your pups save room for dessert.

Sindy Bosso: “Pets are part of your family, so why not come in with them and have ice cream?”

Cielito Artisan Pops in Wynwood makes gourmet popsicles for both humans and fur babies.

Sindy Bosso: “We have watermelon, peanut butter/banana and carrot pumpkin.”

We were curious about how these doggies would eat the pops. Some chomp away like they’ve never seen food before, while others savor the flavor with each lick.

Pooja Khetani: “He devoured the watermelon. We generally have to sit for hours just trying to make him eat his food, but this one, we didn’t have to wait even a second.”

Some of the very good dogs featured in the story are up for adoption at Wonder Paws Rescue.


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