There’s no shortage of gift-giving this time of year, and a South Florida musical duo has delivered a special present to their fans. Black Violin’s latest release, “Give Thanks,” will have you doing just that.

‘Tis the season for Black Violin, two local musicians who blend classical music with a hip-hop sensibility.

Black Violin, that’s Kev Marcus and Wil Baptiste, have just dropped “Give Thanks,” their first-ever holiday album.

Kev Marcus: “‘Give Thanks’ is just sort of like a whimsical kind of holiday vibe album. That’s the best way to describe it.”

The guys reworked a bunch of traditional tunes for the album and put the Black Violin spin on them.

Wil Baptiste: “We’re very different. We’re very unique, so of course, we’re going to approach this Christmas album the same way, and that’s why I think we’re able to achieve an album that sounds different.”

Their version of the classic Christmas tune “Joy to the World” has a contemporary feel to it thanks to a drum track in the background.

Kev and Wil take their songwriting seriously.

That’s why “Give Thanks” is a mix of familiar and original material.

Wil Baptiste: “As much as we love the Nat King Coles, a lot of these covers — they’re dope, they’re classic — we did a few of them, but it was just as important that we did originals. We had to do at least five or six originals.”

Black Violin has another reason to give thanks.

Their last album, 2019’s “Take the Stairs,” is up for a Grammy for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album.

Kev Marcus: “We really were not expecting anything like this. Obviously, it’s our first Grammy nomination, and it was just like a really awesome experience.”

No matter how successful they become, Black Violin’s SoFlo roots loom large in their legend.

Kev Marcus: “We both went to Dillard High School, so, you know, growing up as young kids in Dillard in the ’90s in a tough neighborhood and learning how to play violin, and now in 2020, we have a Grammy nomination.”

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