If you can’t sing, stop with the karaoke. We beg you. Please, don’t do it.

But you don’t have to belt it like Lady Gaga to win one music show on Fox!

Deco’s musical reporter Alex Miranda is here with the story. Alex?

“Name That Tune” is a game show right here on Channel 7 where all that singing in the car finally comes to good use.

But tonight, it’s music to our ears: A South Florida man is doing the guessing, and we have a hunch he’s gonna do us proud.

Jane Krakowski: “In 1997, this left a bad taste in the orchestra’s mouth.”

This is the latest episode of Fox’s “Name That Tune.”

Jenale Scarlette: “I can name that tune … in one note.”

But, did that guy look familiar?

Jenale Scarlette: “‘Bitter Sweet Symphony.'”

Jane Krakowski: “‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ is correct!”

What!?!? That’s one of our very own, Jenale Scarlette, on the music game show airing Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. right here on 7.

Jenale Scarlette: “Miami boy through and through, raised in Opa-Locka. We moved to Miami Lakes around my middle school.”

This aerospace engineer isn’t lacking self-confidence, either.

Jenale Scarlette: “I don’t want to brag, but I’m pretty good.”

It pits Jenale against one other contestant for three rounds of challenges testing their music knowledge for cash and prizes.

Chorus: “Ooo, ooo. Boop.”

Jane Krakowski: “Jenale.”

Jenale Scarlette: “‘I Got A Feeling.'”

Jane Krakowski: “I got a feeling you just added $1,000 to your bank.”

OK, well, that one I got. But it gets harder!

Jenale Scarlette: “Reggae, country, alternative, rap, rock.”

Jane Krakowski hosts the reboot, with Randy Jackson leading the band. But, phew, it was nothing.

Jenale Scarlette: “I was more nervous during the walkthrough when I first saw the stage, the bright lights. But I promise you, in the moment, I didn’t even know I was filming.”

Laser! Focused! And wonder where he got all this music mastery?

Jenale Scarlette: “My mom drove me to school every day from first grade to 12th grade down to Coconut Grove, so I listen to a lot of radio, let’s just say that.”

Which is full-circle for Jenale, who says this show is for the whole family.

Jenale Scarlette: “Whether you’re old, young, not a big music fan, you’re going to get those songs that you’re going to sing along with at home.”

“Name That Tune” with Jenale airs tonight at 9 p.m. Good luck!

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