Masks are the newest must-have fashion accessory.

You also can’t leave home without ’em.

But if you’re like me and have trouble keeping track of your masks, we have a couple of convenient and fashionable options.

Lynn Martinez: “OK, I gotta go to makeup. where is my mask? Where is my dumb mask?! It would be so great if somebody invented something, like, I don’t know, it stays around your neck on a chain or something!”

Chapin VO: “It has been invented, Lynn!”

Lynn Martinez: “Uh, that’s great, but I need my mask now! [mask with chain drops in her hand] Wow! Look at that!!! Oh my goodness, perfect!”

Miami Mask Chains should make the U’s football team proud!

Ashley Finestone, designer: “Miami Mask Chains is a company that makes the most fashionable and functionable mask chains.”

We linked up with designer Ashley Finestone at 5 o’clock Somewhere Bar & Grill in Hollywood to get a closer look.

No questions masked.

Ashley Finestone, designer: “They simply go around your neck, attach to any size face mask and can go with you wherever you go.”

Ashley says she created the mask chains to solve a problem.

Ashley Finestone, designer: “I would see all the ways in which people would wear their masks when they weren’t using it, hanging off of one ear, under their chin, putting it on dirty surfaces. I just knew there had to be a better, more convenient way.”

And there’s more than one way to wear them!

Ashley Finestone, designer: “Our designs are so unique and so beautiful that they even double as jewelry.”

You’ve got nine different collections to choose from, and prices start at $25.

Want an option that’s totally strapless? Mask and you shall receive.

The Spa Mask is keeping things simple.

Rhonda Tescher, designer: “The straps are gone, no annoying ear loops, no anything behind the ears, it’s no strings attached. That’s what makes it so special.”

Rhonda Tescher showed us her creation at By The Strand salon in Weston, since this is the kind of place where a spa mask is perfect.

Rhonda Tescher, designer: “I came up with the idea sitting in a salon and I kept having to take my straps off, and I thought there has to be a better way. So, you peel off the tab, stick it on your face and go do your thing.”

The spa masks, which are actually KN95 masks, are only $3, and are meant to be used once.

Karina Pla, customer: “I absolutely love the spa mask. It’s super convenient, it’s comfortable, breathable. I highly recommend it.”


Miami Mask Chains

The Spa Mask

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