When it comes to coffee in South Florida, local baristas are changing the game and brewing up something fresh.

There are tons of unique brews in town worth checking out to get your Cuban cafecito fix, and it just takes a sip to get totally hooked.

Camila Ramos, ALL DAY: “A lot of what we do is about buying the best ingredients and preparing them in the best ways.”

ALL DAY in downtown Miami has perfected the art of unique flavors.

Their signature Sweetheart drink features cold brew coffee and rosemary limeade.

Want something a little bolder? Try the Coffee Wine, a combination of coffee, tea, and salted cacao bitters.

Camila Ramos: “It looks like wine, but it’s coffee, and it’s fun and juicy and fruity, but also gives you a nice kick.”

Mike Zig: “I really like it because it’s refreshing on a hot day like this.”

Over at Sabal Coffee in the Design District, owner Chase Rodriguez is putting a new twist on a classic drink.

Chase Rodriguez, owner, Sabal Coffee: “The espresso egg cream is inspired by the egg cream, which is like a New York old-fashioned type soda fountain drink.”

There’s no actual egg or cream in this one, but there is espresso and whole milk.

Chase Rodriguez: “We add chocolate syrup that we make here in-house and simple syrup. Finish it off with seltzer water, so it’s like a fizzy milkshake.”

Nais Sanchez, customer: “It’s like cold and refreshing for hot Miami weather, so it’s kind of perfect.”

At Brewing Buddha Cafe & Arthouse in Pinecrest, coffee isn’t just a drink, it’s an art form.

Jordan Athos, jack of all trades: “We have coffee, teas, wine, and beer, and we have a lot of creative combinations of lattes, along with our house made cold brews.”

These guys definitely know how to mix it up.

Their Creme Brulee Latte has a vanilla custard base, topped with a hand-torched layer of caramelized sugar, and this cup of joe comes with a show.

Jordan Athos: “When we bring the creme brulee out, and we burn a layer of sugar on top to give it that hard coat, we love the customers’ reaction.”

Celebrating a birthday? Get the Ice Cream Cake Latte.

It’s a double shot of espresso with a cake batter mix, whipped cream, sprinkles and a candle on top.

Sharlotte Hidalgo, customer: “It was really cute. My daughter enjoyed blowing out the candle. It’s definitely flavors that you just can’t get anywhere, and that’s what I like about this place. It’s very unique, and there’s something for everyone.”


1035 N Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33136

Sabal Coffee
140 NE 39th St., Suite 241
Miami, FL 33137

Brewing Buddha Cafe & Arthouse
8219 SW 124th St.
Miami, FL 33156

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